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Editors and Converters

Here find editors for your savegames, and convertors so you can use your savegames in just about any format Final Fantasy VII can use.

Savegame Editors


JENOVA is the preeminient savegame editor for Final Fantasy VII. This will edit just about anything in your save file except character stats (yet). Be sure to visit to check for updates. Note that this program operates on PC format saves. You should look below if your saves are in a DexDrive or other format.

Download JENOVA.

Savegame Converters

FF7 Save Converter

Authored by a nice guy going by the name of Cait Sith, this handy device will convert in any direction among three Final Fantasy VII formats: RAW PSX card format, DexDrive format, or FF7PC format (so you can use it with JENOVA or play it on your PC version!). Pay Cait Sith's site a visit if you like what he's done here.

Download FF7 Save Converter


Another handy tool - this one will convert your PSX (not just Final Fantasy VII!) savegames among lots of formats. The list includes Bleem!, ePSXe, DexDrive, PSEmuPro, and more. Development of this package has apparently stalled, but visit the PSXMemTool homepage for support or to learn more.

Download PSXMemTool

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