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Battle Square

Guide by  Zephir

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Battle Square. The place where champions are made. And rich people.

This game is actually pretty simple. You pay ten GP to fight a round in the arena, and run through a gauntlet of eight monsters. As you fight more monsters, they get tougher, and therefore, harder. Before each fight, a slot option appears that allows you to select your handicap for the next fight (these vary and are listed later), which also determines your reward amount. After you win or quit (your choice), you can exchange the Battle Points (BP) you win for some really nice items.

In fact, some of the best stuff in the game is bought here (like δOmnislash and OW-Summon), so if you're looking for the best stuff and the perfect game, the Battle Square is a definite Must See.

But before we go further, some pointers:

  • Pick one character before the fight, and strip them of unnecessary materia and equipment. Why use a Cure-All combination when you have only one fighter, or use a δStar Pendant when you have a δRibbon?
  • Speaking of δRibbons, equip one if you have it. It'll nullify any status ailments you get, so you can pump up your BP winnings easily and harmlessly.
  • Put your best armor, weapons, and magic/summon materia on them, and come with a good amount of recovery items. You'll need it.
  • Use a (preferably mastered) OFinal Attack materia coupled with a (also preferably mastered) ORevive materia if you have them. The reason should be obvious: if you die, you can come back to life and keep fighting on.
  • Come to the Battle Square with a good amount of GP. The reason for that is that if you leave the Battle Square, you lose all the BP you've won, effectively ruining sometimes hours of play. It would be a shame not to get δOmnislash because you're 10 GP short. BP can't be stored like GP are, so do use them all before leaving the Battle Square too. To get a good amount of GP, check our Minigames section.
  • Keep a stress ball handy if you're a screamer.

Basically, you'll want to build a walking tank to use in the fights. All right, so after you get done there, you'll have to fight the battles themselves. This is the most straightforward part of it all: just pummel away until they're dead. After the first fight, however, you start seeing the option to keep going, or quit and take your BP. If you stay, you see a slots machine appear, with a bunch of status "ailments" you can give yourself. Some help you, some harm you, and the more detrimental ones give you a higher BP return. If you've equipped a Ribbon, you mostly want to keep hitting Mini and Frog (and/or Materia Breaks if you think you're tough enough) and rack up the points. There's one quirky thing with the slots system, though: sometimes when it gives you nothing but Materia Breaks for options, it gets stuck on that option and repeats that one over and over for the rest of the slots, and will only let you break materia for the rest of the gauntlet. This can actually be a good thing... if you can keep hitting the same materia break over and over, you get more points and you don't really get much more handicap. Nice. This happens the most with groups of Red-Yellow-Green-Blue or a slot bar full of All Materia Broken options. Yikes on the last one.

Here is the list of all the status effects and what they do:

Image Effect Description
All Materia All Materia Broken None of your materia works.
Command Materia Command Materia Broken All command materia stops working (and you lose special battle commands, obviously).
Independent Materia Independent Materia Broken All independent materia stops working.
SupportIndependent Materia Support Materia Broken All support materia stops working.
Summon Materia Summon Materia Broken All summon materia stops working.
Magic Materia Magic Materia Broken All magic materia stops working.
Mini Mini Your gladiator is struck with Mini.
Frog Frog Your gladiator is turned into a frog. Griiibit.
Poison Poison Your fighter's poisoned.
Half Speed Speed Your character's speed is cut in half.
Weapon Broken Sword Broken Your weapon is broken, and your base strength determines damage.
Armor Broken Armor Broken Your armor is broken, leaving your defense to be determined by your character's Stamina.
Accessory Broken Accessory Broken Your accessory is broken, losing its effect.
Item Sealed Item Command Sealed You can't use your item command anymore. No more potions for you!
1/2 HP 1/2 HP Your HP is halved
1/2 MP 1/2 MP Your MP is halved
1/2 HP/MP 1/2 HP & MP Both your HP and MP are halved.
Zero MP Zero MP Your MP is reduced to zero for the rest of the gauntlet.
10 Levels Down 10 Levels Down Your gladiator's level drops by ten points, lowering your stats all the way around.
5 Levels Down 5 Levels Down Your fighter's level drops by five, lowering all of your stats (though less than 10 Levels Down).
Time x30 Time x30 Damage You take damage from the time left in your time gauge from the last fight. The time left is multiplied by thirty, then is used as damage inflicted on you, but it is not fatal.
Full Cure Cure You're fully healed before your next fight.
Lucky 7s Lucky 7's No handicap!

Using that list, try to pick the harshest ones (like 1/2 HP & MP or All Materia Broken) if you're looking to improve your BP winnings.

When all the smoke clears, you're free to exchange whatever BP you've won for prizes. You also win a consolation prize regardless of whether you win or lose: a δTissue. Har har, Square.

Prize List 1 (Disc 1, after busting out of Corel Prison)
δPotion 80 BP
δPhoenix Down 160 BP
δShrapnel 320 BP
δEther 640 BP
δMimett Greens 1280 BP
δFury Ring 2560 BP
OEnemy Lure 5120 BP
OPre-Emptive 10240 BP
OSpeed Plus 20480 BP
δChampion Belt 40960 BP
δOmnislash 51200 BP (limit 1)
Prize List 2 (Disc 1, when coming back for the Keystone)
δPhoenix Down 100 BP
δRemedy 200 BP
δMimett Greens 400 BP
OEnemy Lure 800 BP
δBird Wing 1600 BP
δS-Mine 3200 BP
OPre-Emptive 6400 BP
OSpeed Plus 12800 BP
δChampion Belt 25600 BP
δOmnislash 51200 BP (limit 1)
Prize List 3 (Disc 2, after Cloud returns)
δPhoenix Down 100 BP
δRemedy 200 BP
δMimett Greens 400 BP
OEnemy Lure 800 BP
δBird Wing 1600 BP
δS-Mine 3200 BP
OPre-Emptive 6400 BP
δSpeed Plus 12800 BP
δMegalixir 25600 BP
δOmnislash 51200 BP (limit 1)
Prize List 4 (Near the end of disc 2)
δRemedy 100 BP
OEnemy Lure 250 BP
δRight Arm 500 BP
OPre-Emptive 1000 BP
δReagan Greens 2000 BP
OSpeed Plus 4000 BP
δStardust 8000 BP
δMegalixir 16000 BP
δOmnislash 32000 BP
OW-Summon 64000 BP

Looking at these lists objectively, most of these prizes can be bought cheaper, easier, and in bulk in general stores, while most others are actually easier to get if you wait until later in the game, like δOmnislash and various materia. They'll always be there, but the best and easiest time to get the δChampion Belt is when you return for the Keystone. You also have between then and the middle of disc two to get it, because after that, you can't win it any more.

Also, if you get the δUltima Weapon, δOmnislash, and the OW-Summon, you can participate in the Special Battles by speaking with the receptionist. Only Cloud can participate to this battle. The battles are harder and the prizes better in this elite class (well, one of them is), if you can win. Here are the prizes and the enemies you'll face:

After you win four times, you'll simply randomly receive either an δAutograph, δCombat Diary, or a δGambler, but sometimes you can win a δRibbon. It's even rarer than these other items, however, so be patient if you really want to win one this way.

Special thanks and credit to Chris MacDonald for item and enemy information.
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