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News from May 2011

FFT: War of the Lions to hit iOS in June or July

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, the 2007 PSP remake of Final Fantasy Tactics, will be released on iOS compatible devices in June or July of this year. First announced to be coming to those platforms at E3 2010, soon iPhone and iPad users will be able to enjoy the game with a new touch-friendly interface and slightly wider viewing window.

Square-Enix has not given an official, concrete release date for the game yet, but promises the iPhone version will land in June or July. The iPad version may take a little longer to hit Apple's app store due to the challenges presented by developing for a the larger screen, but one of the game's producers assured fans that the gap between formats will not be a long one.

Source: Square Enix's Facebook page

Free Games to North American PS3 and PSP Users

Playstation 3
As an apology for the recent hacking and outage of the PlayStation Network, Sony is offering free games to PS3 and PSP owners who lost service during the outage. In addition, users will receive 30 days of free PlayStation Plus service and free rentals from their online video rental service.

To claim your free games, just log onto the PSN Store anytime the first 30 days after it's restored (which it should be soon) and download the games. Two game downloads from the list of available games are allowed for each system - 2 for PS3 and 2 for PSP. Five games are available for each platform, including the critically acclaimed inFamous on PS3 and LittleBigPlanet on both the PSP and PS3. Check the listed source for the full menu of free games and other stipulations of the deal.

This is for the North American PSN Store only; other regions will likely have their own "customer appreciation packages" announced later on. I dunno about you guys, but I'll be getting my Wipeout on at the first opportunity.

Source: North American PlayStation Blog

Smithsonian Results Out, Square Enix Fares Okay

You might recall laszlow's post from a couple months back, in which we, the gamers, were invited to vote upon which games should be included in their retrospective. Time has flown, and now the results have been made public - well, people who voted got the results an hour ago, but now they're actually public.

So, how did your favorite games do? If you're thinking specifically of Square Enix games, they did pretty okay. For the PlayStation, three of the four games came from the old Squaresoft: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Einhander. Beyond that, though, not so hot; Final Fantasy lost to Zelda, Chrono Trigger also lost to Zelda, and Actraiser whiffed against the first Sim City on SNES.

I think a fair number of the results were pretty predictable, but that's probably because a lot of the games are either truly impressive, had lax competition in their categories, or both. I happily greeted the news that Bioshock and Portal both got in, personally, and was quite amused to see Minecraft topple the Starcraft II juggernaut. To form your own opinions, just hit the source link below.

Source: Smithsonian Institute

CoN Likes Quizzes, So Should You!

Caves of Narshe Site News
First of all, as I'm sure you've all noticed, the CoN home page got a bit of a tweak; you'll now notice two boxes containing New Stuff and Your Stuff. Most of this information was all available in the previous format, with the exception of the new Quizzes heading. It'll work just like the others: when there are new quizzes available for you to take, you'll get a convenient link straight to the quiz page. And it's much prettier now, isn't it?

To make the new CoNQuiz system even more accessible, updates on Facebook and Twitter will be automatically posted whenever a new set of quizzes is available, just because we care!

Finally, in spirit of making the quiz questions even more exciting, I've come up with a themed set for this month: all the quizzes are composed entirely of "Who Said It" questions. You'll be given a quote and the title of the game from which it was taken and asked to select which character from that game said it. The difficulty ranges from pretty obvious to semi-obscure, so it should be fun for all.

With that said, have at them!
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