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News from March 2011

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Caves of Narshe Site News
If you have trouble keeping up with Square Enix news, your favorite Final Fantasy website is here to help by making it easier to keep up with everything CoN posts to the news section.

For a couple weeks now, we've been testing our ability to automatically post our news also to Twitter and Facebook every time a CoN staffer - or you, hint, hint - clicks that "Post News" button. After seeing good results, I wanted to make sure that all of our news readers and forum posters at the site knew the feature was there.

So, if you want to be notified in your feed every time we post the latest Square Enix news, publish news about the site, announce a contest, or anything else, it's easy and you have two options: either +Like the CoN Facebook page or follow @cavesofnarshe on Twitter.

Hope to see you there soon!
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Square Enix News Tidbits: Handhelds Are Your Gods

Square Enix
Whoa, buddy. Square Enix woke up this week - there's buckets of tidbits coming down the pipeline. Again, they tend to be mostly hand-held, but that's just where the company is right now; they're working to get their foot into a market that is more lucrative than console gaming, and I'm pretty sure this one is.

Let's start with the biggest one: we already talked about Final Fantasy VI coming to the Wii Virtual Console in Japan. Next month, it's getting a new partner in crime: Chrono Trigger. Like Final Fantasy VI, it seems a total no-brainer to bring this one to the States soon; however, there's no announcement yet for anyone in the West. I think you probably can hold your breath, though, if you really want to; again, kind of a no-brainer to bring one of the best RPGs of the 16-bit era over and make a bit of cash from it.

There's new info for Final Fantasy Type-0 this week; it appears that Jump and Dengeki Playstation beat Famitsu to the ball. There's a bit of gameplay info and some new screens from Jump, and Dengeki published some battle screenshots and a bit of early description of how the battle system will work. To me, it sounds a bit like a multi-member-party Crisis Core, with the battles resembling the missions of Crisis Core a bit, as they seem to contain a series of battles which end only when you find and defeat the "lead enemy." To explain the difference in the characters, Dengeku also goes a bit into three of the characters' fighting styles: Ace tosses cards a la Setzer for both attack and defense, Nine is a lancer, and Queen is a swordswoman. Famitsu did catch up at the end of the week, with a big blowout of new screens and even more battle, story, and character information than the other two, including some extrapolation on the party setup - while parties will include three members, you will control only one at a time - switching between the three can be done mid-stream, though. Anyway, my favorite part of info from that rollup is that there might actually be a playable Tonberry character. How great would that be?

Final Fantasy III dropped for iOS this week, at the low, low price of $15.99. When you consider that the DS version is still twenty bucks from Amazon, maybe that's not so bad. The reviews on iTunes are really great so far, but really, how much can you trust reviews like that? I will say that the game looks pretty fantastic based on the screens and video I've seen, but I just can't really fathom using my phone that much for a game. The release of III pays dividends for those who want other FF games on their Apple devices, though: Squenix is dropping the prices of their other games until the end of the month to celebrate. For instance, Final Fantasy is down to $3.99, and Song Summoner is $4.99, both the cheapest they've ever been, by far. Something that's not going on sale is the gallery/calendar/clock Dissidia Duodecim app, which rings in at $5.99 and has some pretty pictures and some functionality that is like what is already on your iOS device, just not as useful. Well played, Squenix.

Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection released in Japan yesterday, too. andriasang brings us all of the launch info for the game, from adverts to related Dissidia Duodecim content to downloadable wallpaper, the second of which is really pretty awesome.

In Square Enix business news, the company announced this week that they launched a new subsidiary on 7 March called Hippos Lab, with an adorable logo to match. This company allegedly will be tasked with creating original content for smartphones - what this really means remains to be seen, but it could be interpreted that either the wash of smartphone remakes is at its end, or that it might just continue while the new company focuses solely on new games and new IPs. Simultaneously, the company said that the announcement regarding what Canadian city would get the new Squenix studio would come in May, but there's still no word on what games the studio might produce.

Source: andriasang, Kotaku, Gamasutra

Square Enix News Tidbits: Resiliency

Square Enix
While shaken as a nation, quite well battered as individuals, Japan and specifically Square Enix are not about to give up and walk away. Even in the midst of disaster, the company is sending news out worldwide for gamers, with more to come in the following weeks. Here's what is up right now for the gaming megalith.

The best-selling Dragon Quest game of all time, DQIX, managed to move 5.3 million units worldwide as of the end of December of last year; that's nearly ten percent of the sum of all Dragon Quest sales, which I suppose makes sense, given that there have been almost ten of them (some with a few re-releases, of course). It's the first game in the series to cross the 5 million mark, though, and one has to compare that with the massive 9.8 million number of Final Fantasy VII for a benchmark.

In other news from the Enix side of the house, it appears that the sequel to the game released as Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime in the west will be coming for the Nintendo 3DS. There's no annoucement for the US or Europe as yet, but it looks like it will be coming to Japan before the end of this year. It's going to have a lot of action at sea, a change of pace from the tank battles of the second game (the one we got here).

The demo for Duodecim is out in North America this week; hilariously, the demo for Europe was also announced - two days before the launch of the full game. Enjoy!

If you've been interested in Final Fantasy Type-0 since the last time we talked about it, we hope to have more news next week. According to andriasang, Famitsu will have a new preview in their issue next Thursday. If the translators get to work, we could have some new info in time for tidbits next week. Wouldn't that be lovely? I missed this somewhere along the way, but it looks like there might be a playing card theme to the names of many of the twelve main characters: Rem, Machina, Cinque, Seven, Trey, Eight, Nine, Jack, and Queen.

Finally for this week, if you're a Canadian looking for work, Squenix might have something for you next year. Eidos Montreal, home of the new Deus Ex, is still in play, but apparently the company is in talks with several provinces for a new studio in the Great White North. Way too early to know what games the company might be thinking for this new location.

Source: andriasang, Joystiq

Square Enix to Donate 100 Million Yen

Square Enix
In the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that caused horrendous damage and loss of life in Japan not yet a week ago, there have been a number of game companies who, even with their own ability to work and earn money curtailed, have picked up the mantle to donate funds to the relief effort. Level-5, Konami, Capcom, Nintendo, Namco Bandai, this list goes on and on, and as of today it now includes Square Enix, who are throwing 100 million yen of their own into the effort (for the rest of us, that means a little over 1.25 million American dollars, or just over 900,000 Euros).

Have you been wanting to donate money to the cause of rescuing Japan from the aftereffects of this quake? I know Japan has a special place in many of our hearts as video gamers, so I can't blame you for it. If so, maybe you should take a look at Siliconera, who are hosting a raffle with a Cecil Harvey Dissidia figure and some other assorted swag, with all proceeds from the raffle going to the Red Cross for disaster relief in Japan. Alternatively, you can also visit Google's donation page and donate directly.

Source: andriasang, Siliconera, Google

Final Fantasy III for iOS Coming Fast

It was just a couple weeks ago that we found out about Final Fantasy III for iOS devices. Well, okay, the CoN News Team missed it entirely, but member Aeris-Logan did not. For those who have missed it, the Final Fantasy III release for Apple hardware will be a port of the Nintendo DS version, altered obviously to allow the use of a single touch screen without control pad.

Things have been moving fast since then, though; not only is the game going to drop in March (and March is over one-third over already!), it's going to get a simultaneous worldwide release on iTunes in eight languages. In addition to the obvious Japanese and English, players who read French, Italian, German, Spanish, or two variants of Chinese will get a localized version as well - that's significant effort going into this release.

The final release date hasn't been announced, and iTunes does things on its own schedule anyway. Pricing isn't out yet either, but other similar Squenix games on the service sit at $8.99 in the United States, even older games. Expect that price or your local equivalent.

Source: Siliconera

Square Enix News Tidbits: Much PSP Media

Final Fantasy IV
Because I've missed a couple Fridays, here's an off-schedule Tidbits post of Square Enix news to cover the gap for a bit.

In case you missed the last post, there are big releases for PSP coming from the Final Fantasy franchise very soon. Over the past couple weeks, the company has had a media blowout to share new shinies with the gaming public from both Final Fantasy IV Collection and Dissidia Duodecim. These probably aren't new to the fans who most eagerly await these two releases, but if you're still on the fence or don't have a PSP... well, you're probably not reading this thread, are you? Okay, in that case, it's just for those of you who might be bored.

Here's a list of the new stuff by game:Additionally involving both Dissidia and FFIV Collection is the detail released last week regarding some free DLC for Dissidia. Some of it is free to all from the Playstation Store, two new costumes for Cecil can be gotten for free with purchase of Collection, and the last is just for people who belong to the Mobile Square Enix site, which will bring some free new music into the game. All of these promotions are obviously just for the Japanese Dissidia players; does anyone know from other sources or from the treatment of the first game if similar promotions will run here in the West?

Finally, a bit of bolt-on news, unrelated to the PSP; Square Enix tweeted today that they have another new Facebook game in the works. This one will be set in Japan and will center around some sort of group of fairies. I'm trusting someone else's translation, here, possibly to my chagrin. I think that previous Square Enix Facebook games have been modestly successful, though, so whatever's good for the company, why not go for it?

Source: andriasang

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