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News from September 2008

CoNtest reminder! The End is Nigh!

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No, it's nothing to do with the Large Hadron Collider that may or may not either expose the building blocks of the universe in the name of SCIENCE, create a black hole that annihilates the Earth and most of the Solar System or at least Switzerland, or may even cause a resonance cascade and the eventual Universal Union invasion and conquest of our planet in under seven hours (And I for one welcome our new benefactors) but something of far greater importance. The end of one of our two CoNtests running right now is near.

To be exact, it's the Fanart competition where the end is nigh. That contest ends at the end of this month and is run to the theme of your favorite Square-Enix characters as if they were on holiday, or vacation for people in countries that upgraded the English language to Eng 2.0. Those of you with the ability to draw, doodle, sketch, and whatever else it is you talented arty types do to make little pretty pictures only have until the end of the month, about three weeks. To see the rules and how to submit, simply follow the link above. Or the one below if you want to live life on the edge.

For those of you with an infinite number of Shakespeares attempting to compile the complete works of Monkeys (Is this right? -Editor) and enter the Fanfic CoNTest, you've got quite a bit more time, a whole month more, and more flexibility with the three categories in that longer contest, but you're free to write a story about your favourite characters at the beach if you like. It could be General or Comedy. Or from FF7 maybe even Scene Selection thanks to Costa Del Sol.

So, in summary, time is running out on the CoNtests to enter, and possibly also for your freedom of expression for Final Fantasy Fanwork Fantasticness should the last LHC scenario occur as I think the... Combine are fans of Dragon Quest more than FF. Remember, you have until September 30th for Fanart, October 31st for Fanfics, and about two minutes for the kettle to boil unless you've got a really good kettle.

If you have any questions about the Fanart rules and submission, email your question to For Fanfic queries, email a question along to or PM Del S, whoever he is, on the forums, whatever they are. Alternatively, for a faster response to questions on either contest, simply pop into chat and someone there should help you.

Fanart CoNtest Rules and Submission guidelines
Fanfic CoNtest Rules and Submission guidelines
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