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News from October 2008

Star Wars: The Old Republic

BioWare announced today the project many people assumed they were working on: a Star Wars MMO (that isn't Galaxies). Essentially, it's going to take the setting, style, and basic principles from BioWare's popular Knights of the Old Republic duo of games and make it massively multiplayer. At a press conference in San Francisco earlier today, a BioWare representative labeled TOR (should we start calling it that?) as "Knights of the Old Republic 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12-plus." So far all they have is some concept art and a couple screens.

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Source: GameSpot
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Fanart CoNtest Update

Caves of Narshe Site News
Some of you might be wondering why there hasn't been any announcements of the fanart contest as yet. If you're not wondering, with hope you are now. The reason is twofold, and neither is terribly impressive. I'll get to those later, though, and put the important info up here:

We're extending the art submission deadline for eleven full more days (plus a few hours) - you now need to have your art in on October 31, Halloween.

Now for the reasons, should you want to know:

1) I, fortunately for me but unfortunately for CoN, had to change jobs right before the contest was set to close. Up until right now, I've barely been around while I did all the things necessary for me to leave my old job and get settled in my new one, and that precluded me from doing anything for the site that required much effort besides clicking.
2) We honestly, frankly, are low on entries. This works out poorly for me, as I really did want to give out lots of prizes and see the new fanart system become a fast success thanks to all you folks submitting. However, this can work out really well for you, as if you've submitted, you have a pretty good chance of getting some prize!

So, with those two things in mind, you have my mea culpa on reason number one. However, I do expect that you artists out there will kick in some more art in the very near future to make up for reason number two. Get started, I want to give away prizes.
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Mother 3 Translation Patch Available Soon

Those dedicated (and SLOW) translators at are nearing completion of their major project - a translation to Mother 3. The fan project has been in the works for over two years, and as a result of their hard work Earthbound fans the world over will be able to play the anticipated sequel without a detailed knowledge of Japanese. Rejoice!

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Tokyo Game Show News

Tokyo Game Show
Square-Enix had a few gems to reveal to the public at the Tokyo Game Show regarding their upcoming RPG releases. Among them, character names! Yes, finally, some of the CG beauties you've been marveling at all this time have names other than "Lightning... or is that the attack she's using?" Well... sorta. So far, only a few have been sorted through, and it's not entirely clear where the Engrish ends and the localized names begin...

Source: Final Fantasy Insider

For fans of Enix's Star Ocean series, it should come as pleasant news that the Star Ocean: First Departure website is up and running. First released on the Super Famicom only in Japan, the beginning of the Star Ocean series will finally be making its way to North American audiences on the PSP later this year.

Furthermore, the 360-exclusive Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope has been dated for March 2009.

Source: GameSpot

Nintendo Unveils New DS Model, New Wii Functions

In a press conference at the very beginning of the Tokyo Game Show, Nintendo dropped a few major bombs not even hinted at during their E3 presentation earlier this year. These announcements were made yesterday afternoon in Japan, which is the late evening or the middle of the night for most of the west.

First, the DSi. The DSi is a new model of DS with larger screens, stronger wireless capabilities, stronger, adjustable audio, a built-in camera, multimedia function, and capable of supporting Nintendo SD cards for greater DS-Wii interactivity. The new system will be able to play games exclusive for the DSi that the DS cannot. There is, however, no more GBA game slot. The DSi will be out in November in Japan and in 2009 for other areas. Check sources for pictures and more details.

In addition to this major announcement, the Wii was announced to soon be able to download Wii applications and games directly onto an SD Card rather than the Wii's limited memory. In addition, gamers will soon be able to download full Gamecube games onto the Wii, with one early release being 2001's Pikmin. There was no announcement for plans to create a Wii harddrive.

And lastly, a few new Wii games were announced, with two major revelations standing out: Punch-Out Wii and Sin and Punishment 2. The former is the third console iteration of the classic cartoony boxing game, while the latter is a sequel to a cult-favorite N64 rail shooter.

Now that's a lot of news. Nothing more to say here, check the source links for more details.

The DSi
Wii games
Gamecube games on the Wii

Dragon Quest IX Gets Dated in Japan

Dragon Quest
After more than two years of vagueness, Square-Enix finally drops a bomb on Dragon Quest fans - Japan will be getting the much-awaited DS game on March of 2009. Very little is known about the title thus far other than there are customizable characters and it will take advantage of the DS's wireless capabilities, but since it's a Dragon Quest game it will probably sell like funnel cakes once it eventually comes out.

Source: Kotaku
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