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News from January 2003

Exclusive new Forgotten Story Media

Corda just brought to us a little bit of fun new media from Fierce Legends' upcoming FF VI: Forgtten Story game. This stuff is so new, that his own site doesn't even have it up yet.

This is an MP3 being used in the group's first Flash promotional video, out soon.

fffsintro.mp3 (just under one MB)

We've also got an unfinished MIDI piece that will be used in the actual game. Corda says it will be used "when two of the main characters are debating the power and temptation magic can offer."

themeofmagic1.mid (about 2 kb)

Corda suggests that you all try to find the throwbacks to the original FF6 musical score in these pieces.

Finally, a proviso: CoN's forte is not hosting music. If the file is broken for you, kindly let us know so we can host it elsewhere.

New FFX-2 Character announced

Square recently unveiled another character in the upcoming sequel to their PS2 hit.  The character is "Nuji" who leads a group whose primary purpose is to go against the teachings of Yevon.  He looks a bit similar to Auron from FFX, but according to Magic Box and Square, Nuji is warm-hearted.  So so much for an Auron clone.  Just imagine Auron with weird, long blonde hair and you've got Nuji.  Link courtesy Magic Box.

In other FFX-2 news, according to R51, Christina Aguilera is now set to star in it.

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More New Fanart

Caves of Narshe Site News
I just finished adding, probably at the cost of my job (^_^), eleven new pieces of fanart. They are all from FF4, covering the following sections. I've bolded the ones that create brand-new fanart sections.

Rosa by Kame
Golbez by Kame
FuSoYa by Kame

Edward by Kame
Cid by Kame
Cecil by Kame
Rydia by Kame
Summons by Kame
Group by Kame
The Twins by Narratorway
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Final Fantasy Origins Screenshots Released

Final Fantasy I
Courtesy RPGamer...

Screenshots from the Playstation port of FF1 and FF2 are now available from Square, and boy do they look good.  I was skeptical about the games with only hearing about the games, but now that images showing amazing CGI and a complete revamp in graphics and even a bit of storyline are here, I've changed my mind and wouldn't mind playing through these games at all.  Anyone that was unsure of the game should definitely check these out and see if they change your opinion, and anyone that wanted to get the games the moment they heard about them will only want to get them more.
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January Quizzes Uploaded

Caves of Narshe Site News
Alright, the quizzes for the month have been updated and I am pleased to see that people have been getting abysmally low scores on them.  No, I'm not satanic, or Climhazzard, but it's nice to not see a straight slew of tens on either one -- in fact, on these particular quizzes, nobody has achieved a ten yet, and the highest score on the FF6 quiz is a seven.  Good luck to everyone who participates and attempts to succeed.  You'll need it.

You can take the quizzes at

[cue evil laughter here]

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Game Boy Advance Upgraded. Already.

Yes, it's true - if you just shelled out $70 for a GBA, plus another whatever for an Afterburner, and then took your GBA apart to install it, et cetera, you shafted yourself. Sorry.

The GBA will soon be accompanied by a backlit, foldable version that will cost $99 and play all existing GBA games. No longer will you need to suffer through a dark screen, or the worry that accompanies performing major surgery to install a light. Now you can get it straight from Nintendo.

The unit is shaped much like the original Game Boy, only with a hinge right in the center. This allows the unit to fold into a shape three inches square and only an inch thick. At a premium of only $30 over the original GBA, I see the new GBA SP overrunning sales of the original within three months.


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