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News from December 2002

New Layout and Fanart

Caves of Narshe Site News
Thanks to Narratorway, we now have a new FF6 layout, the first to go online since the original four back at CoN5 launch. It features Shadow, and I'm sure you've seen the art before, but the new layout will appear on any FF6 page or any page that does not apply to a specific game. Keep an eye out!

In addtion, I have added the three Shadow fanarts that make up the layout to the Fanart database, so you may vote on them and rate them any time you like!
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Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Screens!

General Final Fantasy

Well kiddies, the first Final Fantasy game to be released for a main nintendo platform since Final Fantasy III(VI) back in '94 is set to hit Japan in January 2003, according to Nintendo.  Not many details are available about FF: CC for Gamecube, but if you click on the link there are two spiffy screenshots for your viewing pleasure.  One big detail that is mentioned is that up to 4 people can play together buy putting a GBA into their gamecube...  I'm not really sure on how this works because I don't own either system, but it sounds as if Nintendo is trying to revive the great idea of cooperative RPG/Adventuring that was used in Secret of Mana so very long ago...  If someone knows more about the GC and GBA and would like to explain this, then many cookies for you.   :)

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FF I and II set to be released in the US!

Final Fantasy I
According to, Square has just announced that Final Fantasies I and II (II never before released in the US) will be released in the US sometime next year.  The article also states that the games will be together on one disc, and sold at a "budgeted price."  The article doesn't say it, but the games will be released for the PSX, not PS2.  The games will be redone quite a bit, with new art and music to take advantage of the leap in technology.  I can't wait for this gem to come out.

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