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CoN Turns Seven - Annoying Post to Follow

Caves of Narshe Site News
Lucky seven is what we've come upon here, isn't it? What a long time it's been. And you know what's funny about it? It gets longer every day. Strange how time works.

Now, ridiculously stupid opening paragraph aside, let me welcome you all to CoN's seventh birthday. We can now start our eighth year of life, which really is almost unprecedented among the major FF sites. It's really pretty amazing to me, this timeline. When this site started, some of the members here were in Uni; some were in high school; some in middle school; a few were probably all the way back in kindergarten. But yet, we've all come together due to our common interests (and for the most part, an ability to not suck at posting here. >_> ).

This past year has been huge. Without a doubt, the biggest year CoN has ever had by far. You all know what a statswhore I am, and what would a birthday story be from me without a little bit of stats fun? So, let's start here: in the past year, we recorded that we pushed 2,334,519 individual pages out to you all, for a total of nearly 162 GB of information. We set a new record for CoN pages delivered in a month for nine months out of the last 12. For one shiny week in April, we were even in the top 100,000 sites web-wide on Alexa's traffic monitor. Yes, web-wide. According to ISC, in January 2004, there were 230 million hosts on the internet. Some of those have no web sites, some have several. Even though we're lower now than that lofty peak, we're hovering near the 1,000,000 mark of the vast site log. So, even if you cut ISC's number in half, that still puts us near the top 1% of all sites on the internet in regards to traffic.

Oh, and we're not done yet. Give us some time to work on the projects we've got on the burners now, and year eight might be even bigger than year seven. We have some fun stuff planned, don't worry - and we think you'll like it! If you still think of us as primarily a Final Fantasy VI site, this year might change your mind. I kind of implied earlier that we are among the major FF sites on the web. If you agree, great. If you don't, stay tuned and we'll try to convince you. Unless you come to us just for the forums, then you don't care anyway and should really take some time to study your surroundings.

We do have one project that is coming OFF the burner right now to show up at your CoN dinner table. A lot of you probably know of FraudulentTommah's cool Rash project, which is a slick PHP based counter to the somewhat clunky quote management system at Tom can tell you more himself, but launching today is the first major-site implementation of Tom's code, specially set up to work with CoN! So if you chat in #narshe, definitely submit the funny lines you've seen starting today - and if you don't chat with us, perhaps it's time to start!

Well, that's the big news today. Before I go, let me thank a lot of people for a very special year here. Of course, I have to start with Tiddles, without whom a lot of the cool stuff here would not be possible or would not be nearly as cool; Neal and Elena, who have been friends forever and the hardest working site admins that I could ask for; Phoenix for his work behind the scenes and intermittent news from Japan; Hikaroo for fab art; and finally among the staff, SSJC and Tommah, who have so often been stuck with the work that is most thankless but also extremely important to the site, and for always doing it in the most professional of manner even though they KNOW it's thankless. happy.gif

We've also had a lot of help, as always, from those people who care a lot about the site and want to see us continue to grow. I can't mention everyone here because it would take forever, and I probably can't remember everyone who's helped in the last year anyway. But I'll spew off a few here - Mr_Thou, Max, Rubes, Super Moogle, Zeph, Hanyou, EvilEye, Pink_Nu1, Kappa - and of course the list can go on. Thank you all for showing what it means to really be involved with a community.

And, of course, thanks has to go to every person who contributes well to this always-expanding village. If you give your art or fiction to us to display on the site, you help us at the same time as you grow your own skills with practice and feedback. If you make thoughtful posts or create interesting chat, you dig a little deeper the hole in which we all swim. Of course, if you do none of these things, we probably still like you anyway. Well, some of you. wink.gif

So there we go, that should about do it for this year, don't you think? Let's start it off with a bang.

Two final notes before I end my rambling.

1. Hopefully by now you have all noticed the ads in most sections of the main site. They show up with most page loads, especially on the main page, Final Fantasy IV, and Final Fantasy VI. It helps CoN to pay for and perhaps upgrade the server, and even maybe run contests in the near future if you click one of these ads a day. Please try it - it takes just a few seconds and really is quite literally the least you can do to help.

2. I know it's been rumored before that I might leave the site. I can't do so right now, we have too much to do in the next few weeks. So, instead of announcing an immediate permanent sabbatical from running the day-to-day operations of CoN, I am announcing that I plan to take my leave on 1 September of this year. This should give enough time to turn over the reins to Tiddles (no fighting over the order of succession, you kids), and for him to come up to speed on handling both my jobs and his.

Thank you all again for a great year, and may we all continue growing personally and as a part of CoN.
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i90eastComment 1: 2004-07-31 04:35
i90east Ok, perhaps this has been discussed in great detail in chat but me the busy non-chatter is confused. What does "I plan to take my leave" mean? This could mean a number of things so please go into further detail. This might steal the show away from the original topic of CoN turning 7. tongue.gif Well congrats everyone.
SabinComment 2: 2004-07-31 04:48
Sabin 7 years ... spectacular...

In 7 years, CoN certainly has grown into a vast pool of complete, comprehensive Final Fantasy information, fan art/fiction, as well as a great tool in #narshe on IRC. I personally have been around since Caves of Narshe 3, back in Y2K, 4 years ago, and if that site was still up, comparing this to that site, you would never expect to think they were worthy of the same name. It's come a very very long way since I first arrived. Back in the day, there was one game covered, and at that wasnt' covered as extensively as it is now, no chat channel, and a "bulletin board"--no forum.
How time has a way of sneaking up on you. Now it's 2004 and Caves of Narshe is one of the longest tenured Final Fantasy sites on the site. And one trip to the site will tell you why the traffic is going up. It's just simply a great site. Now there are four games covered extensively, page to page of the game, good fanfiction (except for my FFIV one.. FAR from "good" pinch.gif), an excellent array of fan art, a CoN store, a popular chat channel, an equally popular forum, and i'm sure more awesome features to come. I, like many of us, am a fan of the humor of the quotes off of, and I'm already a fan of the CoN QMS, as I'm sure many others are.
This has kept me coming back for 4 years, and I'm sure is going to keep me coming back for at least 4 more. Keep up the good work, everyone. I only wish that I were more in-tune with computers to help you out, but alas... I'm just the consumer.

I also would like to thank many of the staff for keeping up with this site and not giving up (except Rocky dry.gif) on it. But mostly, I think we should all thank R51 for keeping this going instead of just calling it quits and dropping the ball on this site. Thanks, man, for making, and sustaining, one of the best communities on the net smile.gif (I PM'd you my address, you can send the check there ...). And good luck, chief. The Caves shall miss it's dear all-powerful, ph33ring, dictatorial webmaster god come September 2nd.

Happy 7th, CoN! thumbup.gif
MogMasterComment 3: 2004-07-31 05:27
MogMaster Happy Birthday CoN. Only been here half a year but i can't help but feel like part of a community. Sad to see you go Ranger. (Can only hope your taking Climhazzard with you). Sometimes a dictator is just the thing you need. I just hope we haven't seen the last of your naked mermaid.

Happy 7th Birthday CoN

I'm already preparing for the Bicentennial.
SherickComment 4: 2004-07-31 05:39
Sherick I've been coming here for a while but didn't join in the fun until 2003. Its been great, and I never knew how old this site was. Yeah, you're old, admit it biggrin.gif
I hope that this goes for another many years, and that many new newbs join. Or inmates as we call em.
Sad to see you go R51, though I do hope we will see you again. And please do keep the naked mermaid laugh.gif

HAPPY 7TH CON! (just cause everyone else is)
SilverForkComment 5: 2004-07-31 05:58
SilverFork I've only been posting for a short time, but I've visited the site off and on for about a year. At least I'm stickin' around now, and for good reason. I can't really say more than what's already been said, so I'll just wish you luck with whatever you pursue in the future, Rangers, and hope that you'll pop in from time to time.

And here's to seven more years!
FraudulentTommahComment 6: 2004-07-31 06:11
FraudulentTommah user posted image
The_Pink_Nu1Comment 7: 2004-07-31 07:07
The_Pink_Nu1 Leaving September, Josh? Aw, God, that sucks! sad.gif OK, I'll save the crying for September.

Anyways, lovely speech, and I can't wait till CoN expands even further. I came in Sept. 2003, and I must say, I do love this site! I tried to write a horrid rendition of the classic "Happy Birthday" song for CoN, but I don't think it will top Tom's dinosaur art.

So I'll just say, Happy 7th, Caves of Narshe!
MaxComment 8: 2004-07-31 08:12
Max This site was up before I even knew how to use a computer.

Anyway, on a short not, I have only been around here since January. Since then, I have to admit, I havent posted all that much, but I did present myself in the chat, and still do. What kept me coming back here is the people. So nice compared to other users out on the internet, welcoming, friendly and helpfull. This is one of the only public forums/chats that I have been to were the staff and oldies dont treat the new members bad. I am really glad I found this site and entered the chat. I just wish I could of found it sooner.

Thanks for the fun times CON, I dont plan on leaving soon.

Your my hero Tom.
DjibrielComment 9: 2004-07-31 09:50
Djibriel I'll be honest with you.

The initial reason for joining the Caves of Narshe was a very egoistical one. For over two years I had played the main game of this site, Final Fantasy VI. At the time I thought I knew pretty much everything there was to know (although I know better now), and I wanted to share my findings. When I subscribed to CoN, I had never visited GameFAQs, didn't even have my own site and had never hacked anything.

But this isn't about me; it's about CoN. I was planning on just posting in the FF VI forums whenever that was necessary. However, the people here are far too great. I'm reluctant to call people I have never met and I've only known for half a year "friends" - call it Dutch tight-assedness - , but whenver I visit this site I feel I'm in good territory.

So even though this is only my first CoN birthday so far, I'd like to thank you. I'd like to thank all those CoN members I've enjoyed talking to - if you think I'm talking to *you*, oh reader, then I'm sure I am - , I'd like to thank Elena99 for the grammer classes, I'd like to thank all who maintains CoN and make this possible, and above all I'd like to thank R51 for creating it the way it is in the first place.

And, of course, for being in chat all those times I was sure no sane American would at that time. You must have the most messed-up time schedule ever. smile.gif

And, like said earlier, I'll do the sad goodbyes when the time comes.
ShinrinComment 10: 2004-07-31 14:49
Shinrin Well i've been here for less than a year.. but i have been to this site before.. if ya'll ever need anything pm in chat or on the fourms. happy.gif happy bday CoN.
TheEvilEyeComment 11: 2004-07-31 15:30
TheEvilEye I must say, I am very impressed. This site has gone through many changes since I first came at the beginning of 2002 (though I'd been a guest viewer long before then). To maintain a top competitive site for seven years is no small task. Thanks to the dedication of the staff, and the support of its community, the Caves of Narshe has come a long way to being the top site for not just Final Fantasy, but for a long list of other games and a great place to meet new, interesting faces. I'm proud to be a part of such an active, strong community. Though many of you may not see me posting much, I've grown close to many members through the Caves of Narshe chat, which, in itself, has made huge strides in progress.

Happy Birthday, CoN, and thanks for the good times and the bad, and for the ones still to come! thumbup.gif
HamedoComment 12: 2004-07-31 17:07
Hamedo I love this site. The people and content, the discussons and information..... I love it all. It makes me happy to see something like this do so well. I'm sorry to hear you will be leaving, though, Josh. What future plans have you got swirling around in that head of yours?

Anyways, happy birthday, CoN. Thanks for making my days at work so much easier! biggrin.gif
MalevolenceComment 13: 2004-07-31 19:06
Malevolence congrats on seven super succesful years. alliteration aside, happy birthday CoN!!!

EDIT: what? no booze? this party blows!!
EjotyComment 14: 2004-07-31 22:47
Ejoty Happy B-Day Con, we love you

Well, anyway, it's about 5 days away from my one year anniversary with CoN, and it truly is the coolest forum and FF site on the web. All you people are really cool, well, then again, remember that this was the year that Grey Fox came ohmy.gif aaaaah!

Seriously, thanks, R51 for making a kick-ass site. ... and so you're going on sabbatical, which implies temporary, right?
FigaroComment 15: 2004-08-01 01:12
2. I know it's been rumored before that I might leave the site. I can't do so right now, we have too much to do in the next few weeks. So, instead of announcing an immediate permanent sabbatical from running the day-to-day operations of CoN, I am announcing that I plan to take my leave on 1 September of this year. This should give enough time to turn over the reins to Tiddles (no fighting over the order of succession, you kids), and for him to come up to speed on handling both my jobs and his.

That permanent sabbatical part seems pretty clear to me...

But anyway, Josh, you're a great guy, and it's sad to see you go, but I'm happy with the fact that you'll still be around.

Happy 7th birthday, CoN! Hope to see you in the upper .1% of the web in the near future.
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