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Some FF9 oversights

Posted: 28th October 2021 22:40

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Bloodstone step 2 reads "There are three statues here. Run to the left and a staircase will appear from nowhere. Climb this new staircase to the exit." In fact, you have to run to the right.

Also, in every enemy listing in the bestiary, there is a section for "elemental resistance". However, the word resistance is spelled incorrectly.

In the "sidequests" section, it talks about going back to the Eidolon Wall. However, I am unable to do this in Disc 3, and a bit of Googling suggests it can only be done in Disc 4, which is not mentioned in our walkthrough.
Everything from "Additionally, multiple weapons..." to "...Steiner to knighthood without" is one long hyperlink that leads to the sidequest page, not sure if this was intentional. This is the page for the Marlboro enemy. When I loaded it up it said "Sorry, no data is currently available."
"After the last Waltz is over, Marcus will join up as the third member for a while. For now, you can equip good stuff on him; I will tell you when the time is coming to take all the rarities off. He can't learn any abilities, so the need to be strategic isn't really there." Except it never does tell you to take equipment off of him, so I lost everything that I'd put on. Also, I equipped Beatrix, because the walkthrough never said not to.
A couple of typos under 'The Revival of Mognet Central':
"At the northeast of the Outer Conteninent, you can find...."
"You will realize there’s a problem after..."
Under Trance Kuja - "Zidane can steal if he wants, but damaging is a bit more important." However, Trance Kuja has no stealable items listed. Not sure which is correct.

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