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Final Fantasy Tactics Walkthrough

Written by  Neal
Fanart Editor & Data Manager
Nelveska Temple
Move-Find Item Treasures
Common: Escutcheon
Rare: Escutcheon (2)
Common: Elixir
Rare: Nagrarock
Common: Elixir
Rare: Sasuke Knife
Common: Javelin
Rare: Javelin (2)

When you get back to Goug, the Holy Stone will activate the strange machine, and it will turn out to be Worker 8, a robot mechanic. He acknowledges the humans in the room as his masters, and Ramza jokingly gives him the order to attack Mustadio. Worker 8 promptly blows him up. Ramza freaks out and grabs a Phoenix Down, and youíre given the opportunity to recruit Worker 8, which you definitely need to do. Exit and return to Goug, where Besrodio will have another fun machine that looks sort of like a mobile above a babyís crib. Again, it will react to the Holy Stones, but you donít have the correct oneÖ Return to Zeltennia Castle and go to the bar. Check in the rumors section for something called ďCursed Island, Nelveska.Ē Now that you have Worker 8 in your party, Nelveska Island will appear on the world map and will be your next battle.

63. Nelveska Temple

Enemies: Worker 7 (Steel Giant), Cocktoris x3, Hyudra x2
Guest Characters: None
Geomancy Available: Carve Model, Demon Fire, Hell Ivy, Local Quake, Pitfall, Sand Storm

This can be a really tough battle if youíre under-leveled. Bring along someone like Orlandu who can hopefully take out a Hyudra or a Cocktoris right away. This battle is special because it has two incredibly powerful items hidden on the battlefield - a Javelin with incredible power and an Escutcheon with incredible defense. To get them, youíll need really low Brave (bring along Beowulf to cast Chicken on your item-finder who will need Move-Find Item) and a stepping stone to get onto the pillars, where theyíre hidden. Either Reis or Worker 8 will work as a stepping stone. When you step onto the pillar, your percentage of finding the good item will be 100 - Characterís Brave. If you can get your item finder to have a brave of 10, then youíve got a 90% chance of finding the item. Unfortunately, thereís no real way of telling which item you get until after the battle (if you are unsuccessful, it will still say that you received the Escutcheon or Javelin, but itís the crap, early game version of it). Still, the Javelin has an attack power that will leave you speechless and will probably do about 600 damage per hit at this stage in the game, and a character with the Escutcheon will most likely never be hit with a physical attack again (especially if you give them a good Mantle as an accessory). But you have to win the battle first. Target the Hyudras first because they can use attacks that target a lot of characters, then the Cocktorisí. Finally, have someone Speed Break Worker 7 down to 1 speed so you can get the items without worry, then kill him. Definitely bring someone who can heal with X-Potions, and it might even be safer to bring two or three people who can.

After the battle, youíll get a Holy Stone. Reis will walk into the temple with it and will be relieved of her dragon form and return as a human Dragoner. Let her join your party because sheís awesome in battles where there are enemy dragons and is pretty good on her own as well. Then, now that you have the correct Holy Stone, return to Goug.

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