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Ramza's Hidden Feelings

by Kilakandra DiMenia


Section 3

Chapter Five: A Battle Well Fought

March 11, Zirekile Falls

The most unbelivable thing happened to us today. Gafgarion betrayed us. He was either a spy or just in with the kidnapping somehow, but I would never have belived that something like that would have happened....

Ramza's pen paused just at this line. He wanted to describe the battle, but didn't know where to start. He reviewed the battle again in his mind.


Counting Gafgarion, about six troops surrounded them. Agrias, in anger, had attacked Gafgarion at once, but he managed to block her with his sword. Ramza ran after Agrias and tried the same reckless attack, but he messed up, when he let out a wild warcry, and Gafgarion tripped him before he could do anything.

Rad ran straight after a knight on the other side of the falls, and killed him in an instant. But another knight caught up with him, and attempted to run him through with his sword. But Rad, being smart, blocked this attack. The most confusing thing happened after that; after blocking the knights attack , Rad tried to stab him, which would have been successful if the knight hadn't parried Rad at that moment. The knight then tried to push Rad into the falls.

Delita and Lavian both caught this, and ran at the knight full speed. "Not so fast!" they cried, and they both hit him with a pure assault, and both managed to kill him by driving thier swords through his head.

Gafgarion was a tough opponent. He managed to somehow always block or dodge Ramza and Agrias's attacks, and showed almost no mercy when he got the chance to attack. Lavian ran to Gafgarion's side and attempted to help; she disabled Gafgarion slightly by banging the hilt of her sword into his sholder. But he wasn't going to give up that easily, and he swung at Alicia with his free arm, knocking hber sword out of her hand. Alicia attempted to get it back, but a knight who had lost his sword in the water snached it up from off the ground, and tried to kill Alicia.

Ramza had no choce. "Hey, Alicia!"

"What?" Alicia turned.

"Here, catch." He took off his sheath, sword still in it, and tossed it to Alicia. She caught it.


"Don't worry about me!" Falling upon the basic tactics he would have used as a military cadet, he grabbed the thickest stick he could find and snuck up on Gafgarion as he and Agrias continued to duel.

Meanwhile, Delita, Lavian, and Rad were still attacking the remaining two knights on the other side of the river. However, surpisingly, they would not be defeated that easily. One of the knights kicked Lavian's sword out of her hand and into the river. However, Lavian was much too smart to be disabled that quickly. Within an instant, she had developed an interesting tactic to distract the knight; she had ran a broken triangle around him as he tried to slice her, and punched him directly in the ribs. This disabled him enough to give Delita time to run him through the heart.

Rad was busy on the second knight. He ran behind him and tried to kill him, but the other two knights, along with the target knight, surrounded him in a tight circle. Delita, having noticed this, ran up to one of the knights and cut him in half, lengthwise, and Rad tripped the other two and, with Delita's help, killed them both.

Unnoticed by anyone, Gafgarion, Agrias, and Ramza continued to fight, Ramza attempting to attack from behind with the stick, Agrias just trying to cut his head off.

Gafgarion, having succeded in damaging Agrias and Ramza greatly, got very smug at just that moment, as Agrias fell to the ground exaustion.

"I knew it! Neither of you could have ever really defeated me!!"

Oh yeah? Ramza thought. He crept up on Gafgarion slowly as he continued to mock the tired Agrias. When he got close enough, he banged the stick really hard into Gafgarion's neck, causing him to fall over in pain, and knocking his sword out of his hand, and Ramza dropped the stick and snached it up, banging Gafgarion in the back with the hilt as he tried to get up.

Gafgarion muttered, "R...retreat!" and crawled away. Agrias tried to go after him, but Ramza stopped her.

"Let him go, Agrias. We'll catch up with him one day."


After having thought about these events, Ramza smiled. He knew just where to start.
Agrias was really angry, of course. She tried to attack Gafgarion, but he dodged her...

Chapter Six: Saving Mustadio

Ramza and the others once again packed up the tents, and the six of them headed to Lionel Castle, by common decision.

Ramza was still preoccupied with Ovelia, even though they had rescued her already, and he kept staring at her throughout the whole trip, trying to say something to her, but looking away whenever she looked behind her.

Then, just as he was about to say something to her, Agrias stopped them.

"Something strange is going on there. Someone's ambushed that young man..."

Ramza looked ahead; there was, indeed, a young man being harrassed by soldiers. Ramza stopped thinking about Ovelia for that one second as a new thougt took over his mind.

"We can't just leave someone in trouble! If we don't help him, he'll be killed!"

Agrias tured to him. "Fine then. Let's help him!"

And with that, the party rushed into battle. Rad, Alicia and Lavian climbed over the wall, while Agrias and Ramza chose to go through the archway. Ovelia, however, stayed behind.

Agrias ran staight to the first soldier she saw, and, aiming for his stomach, tried to run him through with her sword. However, the soldier dodged her attack, cornered her and they ended up in what looked like a more severe version of a sparring match, each trying to kill the other.

Ramza was also caught up in a fight with another soldier; however, Rad, Alicia, and Lavian were surrounded by the rest of the knights. They were a lot stronger than any of the three of them, and it seemed as though they would be defeated for sure.

The young man, called Mustadio, relieved at first that someone had come to help him, noticed that his rescuers were in danger. He wanted to escape with the Holy Stone as fast as he could and leave these people to fight, but he felt that that would be wrong. They did come to save him, after all, and if they hadn't noticed that he was in trouble, he would have been killed for sure. It would't be right to leave them to die when they had gone out of their way to try and rescue him.

And so, with those thoughts, he stood on the wall and aimed at one of the four soldiers surrounding Rad, Alicia, and Lavian. It was a good thing he'd found this gun in the mines, or he wouldn't have been able to help his rescuers. Since finding it, Mustadio had developed a sharp eye, and it would be useful here, as he needed to get in a good shot point-blank into one of the solidiers' heads.

Meanwhile, the four soldiers smiled menacingly at their prey. They were just in the middle of killing the helpless knights and squire when suddenly...


With a sound like gunpowder exploding, one of the soldiers stood as though petrified for ten seconds flat, then he fell face- up on his back.

Ramza and the soldier he was fighting with heard the blast, and turned to see where it had come from. Ramza had thirty seconds tho wonder, What is that thing?, before the soldier came to his senses and disarmed Ramza, who wasn't paying attention.

After feeling his sword fly out of his hand, Ramza turned, and saw the soldier grinning at him in an evil way. He then attempted to cut Ramza in half width-wise.

Ramza dodged this, and then, being devoid of a better weapon, took his diary out of his pocket and knocked the soldier unconcious with it.

Lucky I put metal sheets under the cover for good luck, Ramza thought, opening the diary and tossing said sheets onto the ground. He then took the sword from the sheath of the unconcious soldier and ran it through his head.

Meanwhile, Agrias was still tangled in a fight with one of the soldiers. Alicia decidedly ran to help Agrias, leaving Rad and Lavian alone with the other three knights, and ran the sword through his head lengthwise.

Rad and Lavian attempted to fight the three other knights, but they only managed to mortally wound two of them. However, the young man interviened again, and killed all three of the knights with three blasts.

Ramza, shocked by the three gunshots, and who happened to be standing by the well at the time, jumped... and dropped his diary down the well.

"Damn!" he exclaimed.

"What's wrong?" Agrias asked, having heard Ramza's angry yell.

"Nothing, Agrias, nothing..."

He walked over to the young man at that point, in an attempt to forget about the fact that he had just thrown his diary down a well.

"Are you okay?" he asked the young man.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for your help."

"What's your name, anyway?" Ramza asked him.

"I'm Mustadio Bunanza," he said. "I'm a mechanic."

"What's a mechanic?"

Mustadio shook his head. "I'll tell you later."

Chapter Seven: It Almost Ended Perfectly Well

Ramza lay on the floor of an abandoned house much later, turning over every thought in his mind. Since most of them were recent bad memories, he blocked them all out, and concentrated on only one thing: Ovelia.

He had been pondering over how to tell Ovelia his feelings. He never thought it would ever be so hard. He had never wanted to tell anybody anything so badly, nor had he ever felt this way before. It was almost like torture, to have such feelings and yet try so hard to hide them.

Well, that wasn't going to happen today. He was going to tell her; it was now or never. He felt like he'd die if he didn't get it out of him...


That night, when everyone lse was about go go to sleep, Ramza made his decision. He was going to tell her, tonight; he wasn't going to just let this slide. If he did, it would mean more trauma.

Without the slightest sound to give away where he was going, he crept upstairs, past Rad's room, past Lavian's... to a door that was still ajar.

And there she was, sitting on her bed, twirling a hairpin in her hand.

"Er... Princess?"

She looked back up at him, looking just as a princess should look. "Yes?"

"Well, I wanted to tell you... that I... I..."

He knew what was about to happen before it happened: he would keep stuttering, change the subject, and just let it hang again.

However, somehow Ovelia knew what he was about to say beforehand. She didn't know how she knew, she just knew.

"Ramza, I already know what you're about to say." Ramza gulped---"And I have to tell you, I just don't love you back."

Ramza, without bowing his head, stared at the floor. That had been just the answer he was dreading.

Ovelia couldn't find anything to say to him to make him feel better. All she could offer him was, "Don't worry; I'm not the only girl in Ivalice. I'm sure you'll find another." Then, to make him feel better than anything, she kissed him on the cheek before he left.


Ramza walked out of the room, feeling both sad and relived. He felt sad that Ovelia did not share his feelings; on the other hand, he felt relieved that his secret was out at last.

And she kissed him... it was only a cheek kiss, but she still kissed him.... he felt a lot better now, and he retained this feeling through to the next day, when they set off once again.
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