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Ramza's Hidden Feelings

by Kilakandra DiMenia


Section 2

Chapter Three: Ramza's Diary

After reaching an inn in Dorter, Ramza decided to clear his mind using a diary. He had bought one in the shop to help him settle his feelings. This is the first page:

March 07, Dorter

We have just gotten to Dorter city. A group of theives ambushed us, however.

There were about six of them. One of them tried to stab me in the stomach. He failed, however, and ended up stabbing air.

I drew my sword and went in for the attack. He ended up dodging me, though. We must have been fighting for hours, mainly trying to outrun each other. Finally, I managed to slice him in half lengthwise.

I ran over to help Alicia, as two of the theives had surrounded her. She had already killed one by the time I got there, but the other was attempting to sneak up on her and stab her. I caught up with him, and sliced his head off from behind.

Agrias and Gafgarion needed no help with this. They were so fast that they'd killed three of them automatically. Agrias sliced one into little pieces as though she were a samurai, and Gafgation caught two of them at once with an interesting techniqe. He took one of the thieve's heads, cracked it, took the knife from the dead body, and stabbed the other one behind his back. Finally, Lavian and Rad together annihilated the last one, Lavian with a sword, and Rad with a mace.

I wonder, who would send a group of theives after us? I know someone wants to kill us all, but who? What do they even want with three knights, two mercenaries, and a soldier apprentice?

I still worry about Princess Ovelia. I pray for her safety. My worst fear is that she will be killed, if we don't act fast.

We have just one more place to go, before we finish our quest. We must get to Bethla Garrison. Agrias belives that is the only place Delita could have escaped to.

I belive that she is right, but i only hope that the Princess is save with him...


Delita and Ovelia were still racing almost aimlessly through a plain, attempting to escape the Hokuten. Ovelia wondered where this stranger could be taking her.

"Stranger... where... are we... going?

"We're going to Bethla Garrison. That's the only place we can go."

Ovelia knew about Bethla Garrison. She did not ask any other questions after that. Even though this man had so far kidnapped her and was dragging her away from the Knights who guarded her, she could not help feeling he could be trusted.

Chapter Four: Tracking Ovelia

March 09, campsite

We are camping at te edge of Araguay Woods. It is almost midnight. I feel kind of stupid, as I had just gotten us all into a fight with six goblins. There was a chocobo in the middle of the woods. It was being harrased by the goblins, and I just got all sympathetic and had to save it.

This ended up being a big hindrace, but I felt somewhat better about saving the chocobo.

The goblins attempted to give us a whole lot of trouble. The moment they saw us, they tried to surround us and atttack. I had a lot of trouble with two of them. They caught up with me and attempted to knock me out cold. I took out my sword and killed them both. Then I ran over to help Agrias, who was having a problem with a stubborn goblin who didn't want to die. It was trying to wrest Agrias's sword out of her hand. I ran over to try and help, but Agrias was too fast; she had already killed the goblin before I could do anything about it.

Alica, Lavian, and Rad seemed not to need any help at all. When the remaining goblins attempted to surround Gafgarion, all three of them ran in to attack. Rad easily killed the first with his mace, Alicia got the second with her sword, and Lavian and Gafgarion killed the last with their swords.

I still hope the Princess is safe, wherever she is. I always worry that she has been killed, but I must have more hope than that. I can't rescue her if I'm acting scared all the time....


Ovelia and Delita eventually stopped to rest at Zirkile Falls. Delita predicted that no one would be here until morning, so the two stood and took a break.

Ovelia was very worried that they would get caught, but she kept quiet; she did not want to speak until she had caught her breath. She had a very sharp pain in her chest from running so hard.

As soon as the sun had risen, the stranger beckoned to Ovelia to come, but before they had taken even one step, they heard a voice.

"Halt! Surrender the Princess and we'll spare you!"

The Hokuten Knights had caught them in their tracks.
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