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Unavenged Dead

by Del S


Chapter 2

They ran through the forest, the dogs barking behind them, and the sheriffs shouts echoing around the trees. They’d fallen into a trap… the great train robbers, ambushed by the damned local militia and the sheriff!

Baram turned, a throwing knife ready. What annoyed him was, not only had they been ambushed, but the cowards had carried guns! One such coward, a man carrying a rifle, ran into view, and got the knife in his throat.

'Valgon!’ cried a second militiaman, aiming his rifle, and firing. Baram was running already, and the shot from the soldier missed, slapping into a tree with a loud crack as the wood split to let the bullet lodge within.

The second militiaman reloaded his breech-loading rifle, and for his troubles, was stabbed by Baram’s partner, Clyde.

'Baram, you must be getting soft. You let this one live,' said the robber, running behind his friend.

'They're just militia, not lawmen,' Baram offered as a weak explanation.

'They still ambushed us.'

After a few minutes, the two stopped.

'I think we've lost them,' said Clyde.

'Aye… damn them!' Baram said.

'Plenty more trains to rob, friend, plenty more. Just because the sheriff here had a brain, doesn't mean others will. Besides, the sheriff doesn't have that brain anymore, does he?'

'No… but it seemed like the whole train was full of militia and deputies.'

'I think it was. Every single one, carrying a gun like a typical lawman coward.

The nearby forest was quiet, the distant dogs barking about the only thing making noise in the darkening forest.

'It'll be sunset soon. Best we get to the town before then,' Baram said.

'Aye,' said Clyde, staring off into the sky. Both men were silent, and the only noise was the chirping of the birds in the trees, and the distant dogs.

'Do you think there was even anything on the train?' he asked, a few seconds later.

Baram considered it for a couple of seconds, and responded:

'No… I think that we should pay the man who gave us that information another visit. Ask him a few questions...'

'Questions about any rewards he may have been seeking to claim?'

Baram was about to respond 'probably' when he heard the snap of twigs in the forest. And just as quickly as that, the deputy ran out, his revolver aimed.

Clyde threw a knife into the mans eye, and he fell. But his six-shooter clattered to the ground with five bullets in it.

Baram looked down at his chest, at the blood... there wasn't much, but it was agonising.

'Baram! Come on!' Clyde said.

'I... I think I won't make it, Shadow.'

'What?! Shut up, come on! The town's not that far!'

* * *

They went on for five minutes, Baram coughing up blood all the way.

Then he collapsed, and it went black...

He heard something far off... a familiar noise...
'Wake up! '

The blackness faded a little, and he saw the red sky above the black outlines of the trees.

'Open your eyes!'

'I... I'm scared,' Baram coughed, spitting out more blood.

'I... Is thi... this my bl... blood?' He asked.

'You're gonna be okay, ' Clyde tried to reassure him.

'I've let you down... I... I'm sorry,' Baram apologised.

'Save your strength, we're almost to a town.'

'You don't have to pretend... I know. I've lost... too much blood,' Baram said, distantly. He knew it was going to end, felt that bullet still in his chest somewhere...

'Get going! I'm going to slow you down!' Baram said, coughing up more blood.

'But...' Clyde hesitated

'You wanna get caught?' asked Baram.

He paused, coughing up more blood.

'Before you go... you have to use your knife,' He whsipered

'WHAT!!!' Clyde exclaimed.

'Think what they'll do to me if I get caught... I don't want to go through that. Do me this favour!' the dying man growled.

Clyde reached for his knife, with a trembling hand, and stopped a few inches from the sheathed blade, still covered in the dried blood of the sheriff, some of his deputies, and some militiamen.

'Are you... shaking? I can't believe it, you're acting like a coward!' Baram shouted, spitting more blood.

'Come on, you weakling! Grab a knife and...' Baram said, the black of the trees merging with the darkening red of the sky...

'I can't!' screamed the other man, his vision also blurring. Clyde began to walk away

'Clyde!' Baram shouted, but the other man ignored him, his mind filled with storm clouds of rage and confusion... and sorrow.

'...I'm sorry,' Clyde said, walking away from his friend, and walking into the blur of the forest.

'Clyde! How dare you!' The dying man hollered.

The other thief walked from his dying friend, and two men begun to die...

* * *

Baram tried to reach for his own blade, but his limp fingers dropped it onto the forest floor. He was fading... He knew he was going to die soon. His partner had refused to bring his death just minutes before, and had abandoned him. And now, it was approaching slowly. He felt that bullet still, strange, as he felt little else... except fear

Suddenly, a robed figured appeared, walking toward him. The figure seemed near, yet also far off at the same time. As the multi-coloured robes moved, the light caught glitter-like substances that shone like the stars on the night sky.

Baram was confused. Surely Death's cloak was not red and green.

'No, unavenged one, I am not death,' the creature said, its voice like a chorus of many speaking at once

'Then who are you?' Baram asked. He knew he should be afraid (for this... thing could have been anyone, a deputy, a militiaman, a ghost but facing death, he felt no fear from this apparition. And the creatures echoing voice was... calming.

He didn't notice it, but he also no longer felt the bullet. In fact, he felt nothing.

'I am the avatar of the God of Mimicry and Vengeance. Many of your human cultures called me Gogo.'

'God of Mimicry and Vengeance?' Baram said, shocked. 'No... this is just a hallucination before I die, isn't it?'

'Look behind you,' Gogo said.

Baram did, and saw his corpse, the blood-stained and dead face still staring up at the sky, a pool of dark crimson liquid congealing around his torso.

'I cannot be a pre-death mirage, Baram. For Death has claimed your body already.'

Baram was now utterly bewildered. If he was dead, why had he not left the world and gone to hell?

'So, since you are a god...'

'An Avatar of a god. I am immortal, but the body we have is not.'

' what do you mean, "we"?'

And Gogo explained...

* * *

Gogo was a genderless entity. Prevalent in all of humanity. From the boy, copying his fathers actions, to the girl wearing make up as her mother does, from the man fighting to retaliate a wrong, to the woman who yells at another mother for her child hitting hers. Mimicking and revenge are human traits. So the god was almost human. Neither male, nor female, but both, yet neither. It existed as a single entity, of many souls. The souls of the unavenged dead. The souls who want to avenge their death. Who want to help their family or descendants keep living the best life possible. Those who want the world to remain.

Within the next 20 years, a Tyrant would rise, and use the power of three goddesses of magic to rule the world, and ultimately, this would lead to its destruction unopposed. The avatar would be stronger than ever at this time, the End Time, and so would be found via the aid of creatures taking a group of heroes and heroines worthy to assist it to its testing ground. If they made it, It would help them save the world.

It used mimicry as this gave it access to every ability there was.

'But where do I fit in?'

'That is simple, Baram. You are unavenged. Clyde regrets his actions. He wishes now that he had helped you one last time.' The entity was not surprised at Baram's smile.

'So, I'm joining a holy entity?' Baram asked, and then burst out laughing.

'Yes. The irony strikes us also, but all humans have some purity. There are numerous murderers and thieves amongst us,' Gogo said.

So Baram relaxed, and soon, his soul was a part of the god's powers.

' You see Baram; even gods cannot copy every action perfectly. I need as many humans as possible to enlarge my abilities, and enact vengeance for them all .'

* * *

About 12 Years later

Gogo faced the travellers. The Half-Esper woman, the Thief, The knight of Doma whose family had joined him a year ago, along with so many of his comrades and enemies from the bitter and bloody war between Doma and Vector, and...

' Clyde.'

' Indeed, Baram. Your old partner is helping us,' said the god itself.

' Guess we weren't really bad guys, huh...'

Gogo could see into their souls, all of them. They had the courage, the rage, the will to defeat Kefka. And they had abilities to copy. Abilities to stop Kefka.

* * *

In the end, the world was saved. Gogo's Avatar faded back to the dimensions of its trail area, and released the souls it once carried into the next life.

And so, the god of the mimic, and the god of revenge, resumed its doomwatch, awaiting the next time a threat arose to the world , and always recruiting souls to aid it when that threat came...
Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy VI
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