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Unavenged Dead

by Del S


Chapter 1

He was fading... Baram knew he was going to die soon. His partner had refused to bring his death earlier, and had abandoned him. And now, it was approaching slowly.

Suddenly, a robed figured appeared, walking toward him. The figure seemed near, yet also far off at the same time. As the multi-coloured robes moved, the light caught glitter-like substances that shone like the stars on the night sky.

Baram was confused. Surely Death's cloak was not red and green.

'No, unavenged one, I am not death' the creature said, its voice like a chorus of many speaking at once

'Then who are you?' Baram asked. He knew he should be afraid, but facing death, he felt no fear. And the creatures echoing voice was... calming.

'I am the avatar of the God of Mimicry and Vengeance. Many of your human cultures called me Gogo.'

'God of Mimicry and Vengeance?!' Baram said, shocked. 'No way... this is just a hallucination before I die, isn't it?'

'Look behind you.' Gogo said

Baram did, and saw his prone corpse, blood-stained, face down in the dirt.

'I cannot be a pre-death mirage, Baram. For Death has claimed your body already.'

Baram was now utterly bewildered. If he was dead, why had he not left the world and gone to hell?

'So, since you are a god...'

'An Avatar of a god. I am immortal, but the body we have is not.'

'What do you mean, "we"?'

And Gogo explained...


Gogo was a genderless entity. Prevalent in all of humanity. From the boy, copying his fathers actions, to the girl wearing make up as her mother does, from the man fighting to retaliate a wrong, to the woman who yells at another mother for her child hitting hers. Mimicking and revenge are human traits. So the god was almost human. Neither male, nor female, but both, yet neither. It existed as a single entity, of many souls. The souls of the unavenged dead. The Souls who want to avenge their death. Who want to help their family or descendants keep living the best life possible. Those who want the world to remain.

Within the next 20 years, a Tyrant would rise, and use the power of three goddesses of magic to rule the world, and ultimately, this would lead to its destruction unopposed. The Avatar would be stronger than ever at this time, the End Time, and so would be found via the aid of creatures taking a group of heroes and heroines worthy to assist it to its testing ground. If they made it, It would help them save the world.

It used mimicry as this gave it access to every ability there was.

'But where do I fit in?'

'That is simple, Baram. You are unavenged. Clyde regrets his actions. He wishes now that he had helped you one last time.' The entity was not surprised at Baram's smile.

'So, I'm joining a holy entity?' Baram asked, and then burst out laughing.

'Yes. The irony strikes us also, but all humans have some purity. There are numerous murderers and thieves amongst us' Gogo said.

So Baram relaxed, and soon, he soul was a part of the God's powers

' You see Baram; even gods cannot copy every action perfectly. I need as many humans as possible to enlarge my abilities, and enact vengeance for them all '


About 12 Years later

Gogo faced the travelers. The Half-Esper woman, the Thief, The knight whose family had joined him a year ago, and...

'Clyde '

'Indeed, Baram. Your old partner is helping us.'

'Guess we weren't really bad guys, huh...'

Gogo could see into their souls, all of them. They had the courage, the rage, the will to defeat Kefka. And they had abilities to copy. And the Abilities to stop Kefka.


In the end, the world was saved. Gogo's Avatar faded back to the dimensions of its trail area, and released the souls it once carried into the next life.

And so, the god of the mimic, and the god of revenge, resumed its Doomwatch, awaiting the next time a threat arose to the world And always recruiting souls to aid it when that threat came...
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