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The Tower of Mist

by Sabin


Chapter 5

Cecil and Edge landed the Golden Eagle after searching for hours looking for Aaron and Rydia. During their expedition, they found no trace of them. Cid waited for them in the landing field.

Cecil and Edge exited the airship. Cecil confronted Cid. "Returned in good shape, as promised."

Cid smiled. "Damn good! Any luck finding them?"

Edge shook his head. "Wherever they are, they didn't want to be found tonight."

"We'll continue to look for them in the morning." Cecil said.

Cid nodded. "I'll take care of my precious one," he said patting the airship.

"Goodnight, Cid." Cecil said walking into Baron.

The front guard looked at Cecil with a look of relief. "Thank God you're back, Cecil. We had trouble while you were away."

Cecil looked surprised. "What kind of trouble?"

"A terrorist set fire to three houses in the village."

Cecil was shocked. "Oh my... Did you manage to get the person who did it?"

"As a matter of fact, yes. We brought her to the prison block."

Cecil nodded. "Good work. I must consult with Rosa about this."

"She is interrogating the prisoner in the prison block," the guard said.

"Thank you." Cecil said. The guard opened the doors and allowed Cecil and Edge to enter the kingdom. They made their way past the crowded evening streets and into the prison block. The prison guard escorted them to where Rosa was interrogating the prisoner. They found her in front of the cell.

"Cecil!" Rosa stood up. Rydia also stood up, looking at them from inside the cell.

Edge noticed Rydia in the jail cell. "What's going on here?"

Rosa looked at them. "According to the guards, she was arrested for setting fire to three of the village's houses."

"You don't believe them, do you?!" Edge asked forcefully.

Rosa shook her head. "Of course not. But all of the witnesses saw her do it."

Rydia came right up to the bars of the cell. "I swear I didn't do it. I was set up!"

"I believe that you could not have it within yourself to do something heinous to Baron." Cecil said. "I'll have you released immediately." Cecil ordered the guard to open the door. He did so and Rydia was released.

"What of Aaron and Aria?" Edge asked.

"He's done something to Aria to trick her. She says she doesn't want to return home." Rydia said. "Aaron was always good at playing mind tricks."

Cecil's general, General Warrick, came running into the prison block. "Commander Cecil, we are receiving attacks from an unidentified force."

Cecil looked at him. "From which direction."

"The forces seem to be coming from... the village of Mist, sir." General Warrick said, hesitating to tell him the location.

"Mist? How can that be?"

"It's Aaron. He says he wants to build his empire over the ruins of Mist.

"Come on! We have to stop them from advancing to Baron." Edge said. They bolted out of the prison block and exited the kingdom. Looking to the north hills, they saw 15 warriors draped in black charge at them. They were all wielding swords.

"It's Aaron's doing. He created these soldiers." Rydia said. "I just know it."

"Everyone get ready. Here they come." Cecil said.

The black warriors made it to the kingdom and stopped in a single line facing the protectors of Baron. They stood a couple yards away from them before charging at them. Rosa took her bow and fired an arrow at one of the warriors. The arrow missed and landed in front of the charging warrior.

Rydia closed her eyes. "Ifrit, I summon thee." In front of Rydia, the fire demon appeared. He held his hand toward the warriors. "Flame Beam!" Ifrit fired a beam of immense fire at a group of warriors. The flames infested the area around them and burned them to death. After the attack, three of Aaron's warriors were dead. Ifrit disappeared.

Edge took out a pair of shurikens and threw them. The spinning stars flew into the chest of a warrior and out the other side. The warrior was immediately dead. A warrior came up to Edge. Edge took out his blade and clashed it with the warrior's. With his other hand, Edge took out his other blade and sliced the warrior across the waist. The warrior split into two at the torso.

"Black Volt!" A warrior created a volt of black magic and hurled it at Cecil. Rosa noticed this and closed her eyes. "Wall!" She placed her energy over Cecil. The black aura deflected off the magic barrier and back at the warrior. The power of the aura knocked him to the ground. Rosa took out an arrow and shot it at the fallen warrior, piercing his chest. The arrow finished him off.

Cecil sliced through the warriors. With the enlightening power of Excalibur, he was able to destroy the evil warriors with one swift stroke of the blade. He finished the rest of the warriors off with little trouble.

Cecil put his sword back in his holster. "If Aaron thinks he take over Baron that easily, he's sadly mistaken."

Rydia looked at him. "Please don't underestimate him. He's extremely dangerous."

Cecil sighed. "Of course I'm won't underestimate him. I know how dangerous he can be. And I know that he won't give up." He looked back at the kingdom. "But I'll go to my grave protecting Baron, if it comes to that." They all nodded. "Come, we'll discuss what to do."

"I think we need to rest first, Cecil. It's late and we're all tired." Rosa said.

Cecil nodded. "Alright. We'll meet tomorrow in the throne room after breakfast."

They led Rydia and Edge into the guest room and went to sleep. Late into the night, Rydia got up from her bed. She quietly exited the guest room, careful not to wake Edge from his bed. She walked through the halls of the castle and opened the front door. She entered the kingdom and followed the dirt path to the airship garage. She opened the door and found at least 15 airships in the garage. She looked at the airships in a bewildered expression.

Cid had stayed up late to continue his work on the airships. He came out from one of the airship's engine cabinets and noticed Rydia. "Rydia. What a surprise to see you here... and at this time of night too." Rydia remained quiet and looked at the airships. "Can I help you with anything?" Rydia continued to ignore him. She closed her eyes and lifted her hands. Cid looked at her, slightly puzzled. "You sleep walkin' or something?"

Rydia opened her eyes. "Fire 3!" She shot four fireballs from her hands. While airborne, they exploded into a massive fire.

Cid ducked out of the way of the explosion. He turned around and looked as many of the airships caught on fire. "No!" He looked back at Rydia. She had her eyes closed and her hands up. "Rydia, what are you doing?!"

"Fire 2!" She fired a stream of fire onto a nearby airship. The fire infested the airship, igniting it into a large bon fire. Cid charged her and pinned her to the wall. After the impact, she awoke.

"W-What?" Rydia looked at the airships on fire. "What happened?!"

"You happened!!" Cid yelled. "Do something! Do something!"

She closed her eyes. "Rain 3!" She summoned a large storm cloud inside of the garage to dump torrential rain upon the fire. Slowly, the fires began to decrease.

Cid looked at her. "How could you do this to me, lass?" Cid was in obvious emotional pain.

Rydia looked at the fires being controlled by the rain. She looked down at her hands. "I... I don't know."

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