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The Tower of Mist

by Sabin


Chapter 4

It was 30 minutes after Rydia's invasion of Baron. She walked toward the Cave of the Mist, the cave leading to where she once lived. After a couple of minutes of walking, Aaron came up behind her.

"Wow. I didn't know it'd go that smoothly," he said. Rydia remained quiet. "I don't know why you just didn't let me kill that paladin. I've killed knights more powerful than him with one stroke of magic." Rydia still remained quiet while she continued to walk. "Well, he would've deserved it after what he did to our town." Rydia closed her eyes and began to think. "But we'll show him. I think we should head back to Mist and build our empire. Baron as well as the other kingdoms will fall immediately."

Rydia stopped and looked at him. "We?"

Aaron looked at her. "Yes. I thought you would like to join me in the destruction of Baron. I thought you would've wanted to see our mother avenged."

"What ever gave you the impression that I was going to join you in anything?" Rydia scolded. "I only freed you to rescue Aria. I've completed my part of the agreement, so where is she?!"

Aaron shook his head. "Rydia, don't you want to see Baron up in flames?"

"No! Where did you get that idea?!" Rydia said, disgusted at his idea.

"I guess I misjudged you. I thought you would give anything for the demise of our mother's killer." Aaron said.

"Well, you thought wrong. Can I see Aria now?" Rydia requested.

Aaron sighed. "Relax. She's safe. Come with me to Mist and I'll release her."

Rydia and Aaron made it through the Cave of Mist and arrived at the ruins of their hometown, untouched since the fire. Rydia looked around. "Where is she?"

"Relax, Rydia. You'll get her." Aaron said.

"Don't pull that on me. Now!" Rydia demanded.

"Fine." Aaron closed his eyes. "Guys, bring the girl." Two henchmen of Aaron brought Aria from around a corner. The two henchmen were tall robotic giants covered in blue trench coats to become less conspicuous. "Happy now?"

"Rydia!!" Aria ran up and hugged Rydia.

"It's alright, Aria. I'm going to take you home now." Rydia said. She grabbed the demi-girl's hand and was about to start walking.

But Aria did not walk. "No." Rydia looked at her. "I like it with Aaron. He lets me do stuff mom and dad don't let me do. I don't want to go home."

Rydia glared at Aaron. "What the hell did you do to her?"

Aaron smirked. "I haven't a clue what you're talking about."

"Bastard." Rydia knelt down and looked at Aria. "You belong with your mother and father. They're really worried about you."

Aria looked at Rydia. "They really miss me?"

"Of course."

"Boys." Aaron directed his giant, robotic henchmen to grab Aria and bring her back. Aria looked at Rydia as she was taken. "I believe she has made up her mind."

"Look, Aaron. Would you just stop this? I freed you from prison. What more do you want?"

Aaron smirked evilly. "I want you to help me destroy Baron."

"How could you ever request that of me?" Rydia denied.

"You're going to do it voluntarily or I can force you to do it!" Aaron warned.

"Then you'll have to kill me because I will never do it either way!" Rydia retorted.

Aaron placed his hand on Rydia's head and sent energy waves through her body. Rydia collapsed unconscious. "We could've done this easy, but you chose to do it the hard way. Boys, bring the girl."

When Rydia regained consciousness, she found herself on the ground in front of Baron. She woke up and felt the heat of a fire creeping over her. She sat up and saw that many houses in the village of Baron were roaring in fire. Rydia looked around and realized she was alone. Aaron and his two henchmen had taken Aria and left her there. "Aaron, how could you?!" she asked out loud, looking at the fires. She got up and ran into the village. She lifted her hands to the blaze. "Ice 2!" A spout of ice appeared and attacked the fire. The citizens around her began looking at her in fear and running away. "I'm only here to help!" She closed her eyes again and held her hands in front of her. "Aqua Beam!" She fired a large beam of water onto the blaze, dousing most of it.

From behind her, one of the Baron guards tackled her and pinned her to the ground. From behind her, she heard another one of the guards say, "You see boys, they always return to the scene of the crime."

Rydia was shocked. "What?!"

"Ma'am, you're under arrest for setting fire to three houses," a guard said lifting her off the ground.

"What are you talking about? I didn't do this!" Rydia admitted.

"All of our eyewitnesses identified you setting fire to these houses in a brutal, malicious manner. You may have gotten away with it if you didn't return to the scene of the crime."

"I swear, I didn't do this!"

The guards took her into the kingdom and into the prison block. Aaron watched from behind one of the burning houses as she was dragged away. He smirked. "Good work, Rydia."

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