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No more delays! FFT for iOS releases this week!

I can't speak for everyone that owns an idevice, but I have been anxiously awaiting the port of Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions for the iOS since I first heard about it.

Originally stated to be released sometime in September 2010, then delayed until May 2011, then again delayed until 'sometime from June to July', Square Enix have finally confirmed that Thursday, Aug. 4th they will be releasing the title, finally. Yes, that's 2011.

No tricks!

The iOS version will be released Thursday for iPhone 4G and 3GS (but not 3G, as they claim it was too slow on said product), and iPod Touch. iPad users will have to hang on for just a brief while longer as they've slated release for it to be sometime next month.

Though they've done little to update graphics-wise, it will support some nice, clean retina display looks, faster load times than the PSP version, all at the cost of dropping the multiplayer function from the game. A slight shame, but I doubt anyone will be crying too much over that factor.

Come Thursday, Aug. 4th, it'll be available in the App Store for 1800 yen/$15.99 US/12.99. Woot!

Even though that's a big price for an app, it'll be worth it for such a title, and furthermore, as we've seen with their past port releases, you can likely expect a price drop on their other titles, so keep an eye out for that as well!

Source: SQUARE ENIX DLG@Facebook, RPGFan

Square-Enix is moving in on TCGs?

Square Enix
If you haven't already heard tell, Square-Enix has announced sparse details on a trading card game that offers Dissidia-like gameplay, but without need of a console!

Already developed is a website with a few card samples based around Dissidia-styled Cloud, Sephiroth and Zidane, but some telltale silhouettes should easily shed light on some more heroes to come.

It seems like a potentially exciting game with more to draw on than such gaming TCGs as EverQuest or World of Warcraft, what with Final Fantasy having so many incarnations, with different characters, skills, monsters and summon to conjure up into card form. It seems like an interesting step that will likely only go well for the giant that is Square-Enix and raise an entirely new fanbase for the series, and possibly breath life into the old.

As of yet, there are no details relating to a North American release, but it is still incredibly early in development.

To view some card samples, check out the sources below!

Source: Final Fantasy TCG Site,,
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