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Square Enix News Tidbits: Every Game but Versus

Square Enix
People have been waiting for Versus XIII for a very long time, which certainly grated on those fans when they instead got Final Fantasy XIII-2 first. Personally, I find that a bit odd, given that it's hard for me to look down on a game in favor of a game that we've barely ever even seen, but to each their own and I digress anyway. The news here is that Squenix are now just flat-out trolling gamers by releasing some Versus XIII content not as a trailer video, or as a demo, but as a DLC track for Theatrhythm. The released track is nice enough, at least in its thirty-second snippet, a quiet piano track with a Japanese vocal. And, I'm sure that instead of actually being a troll, it's more of a "this is a way to show them that we're still going to release this game" sort of thing. Still hilarious if you think back to the fact that it's been over five years since news of the game started coming forth.

Speaking of Theatrhythm, that game was released on 4 April in Japan, and Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance released the week before in the same locale. Why is that again relevant? Because this week, both games got their North American release dates officially confirmed by Squenix. The launch order will be different over here; the music rhythm game will be out on 3 July and KH3D will drop on the last day of the month. Apparently there's a fairly critical bug in KH3D that can stop some players from continuing the game - I, unfortunately, have no idea what that is because it's only written up in Japanese. One would assume it would be fixed before the pending Western release.

If you thought the last bunch of Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC was nuts, there's more this week, coming out in Japan on 10 April. This time, Noel can dress up as Ezio from Assassin's Creed, while Serah's new outfit is called "Exposure and Defense" and is based on one worn by a member of Japanese girlpop group AKB48. Also available at the same time will be Gilgamesh, who can be fought and added to your party as a Commando, and Final Fantasy VIII's PuPu (known as Koyo-Koyo in Japan), who can become a Medic. Only Serah's outfit will be free DLC, it seems. The costumes don't stop there, though; while they're not DLC, Final Fantasy XIII universe characters are going to appear in men's fashion magazine Arena Homme+ in the next issue. It appears that this magazine is British, though I've never seen one and therefore can't confirm firsthand; wherever it's published, it features new fashions for men from Prada draped on well-posed Final Fantasy characters, including Lightning. Sazh, in particular, is looking pretty suave.

We'll wrap this week with a bit of MMO news. First, Squenix have decided to do some public demos of Dragon Quest X this spring in Japan, starting at shopping malls in three cities. There won't be any new information coming from these, they're just a chance to get the game out in front of more people than the closed beta allows on its own.

Source: Kotaku, andriasang


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Death PenaltyComment 1: 2012-04-06 15:44
Death Penalty I am beginning to sincerely believe that Versus is never going to be released, that it's just a long-term joke SE has been playing on us. This thing was revealed in May of 2006. That's just about six years.
LilyheartsLightningComment 2: 2012-04-07 01:10
LilyheartsLightning Lightning doesn't look happy in her threads... I don't blame her. XD

The idea of Noel Auditore and Commander Farron kicking butt in FFXIII-2 just seems too awesome to be true.
ShotgunnovaComment 3: 2012-04-08 05:45
Shotgunnova Squeenix has been burning me at every turn, but man, that Mass Effect armor looks swizz. As a matter of fact, this whole "collaborative DLC" crossover idea seems like a big winner.
NealComment 4: 2012-04-08 14:50
Neal That fashion magazine / FF13 crossover is REALLY dusturbing me for some reason. I think they've reached uncanny valley status with it. They just look...ridiculous.
Glenn Magus HarveyComment 5: 2012-04-08 16:00
Glenn Magus Harvey
Quote (Death Penalty @ 6th April 2012 10:44)
I am beginning to sincerely believe that Versus is never going to be released, that it's just a long-term joke SE has been playing on us. This thing was revealed in May of 2006. That's just about six years.

Well, Starcraft II also took a while, didn't it? And then there's Duke Nukem Forever too.
SaffireWeaponComment 6: 2012-05-09 16:33
SaffireWeapon IMO, XIII-2 DLC is a waste of money and time. Instead of wasting time bringing DLCs for a game that is not even good (even though I got the Platinum trophy), SQUARE should focus on finishing VERSUS and/or making a FF7 remake, something that fans will actually be more than happy to spend millions on.
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