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News from June 2024

Square Enix Shows Out at Latest Nintendo Direct

At yesterday's Nintendo Direct, Nintendo were very careful to warn users that there would be no discussion of the upcoming Switch successor. However, there were a lot of pretty great games announced and/or shown, and among them were a set of four games coming from Square Enix that will appeal to CoN readers today.

The first announcement came not just from Square Enix, but from Mistwalker, the current home of Final Fantasy progenitor Hironobu Sakaguchi. Squenix will publish a console release of Mistwalker's Apple Arcade game, Fantasian, sometime this coming winter. The original release of the game was three years ago; the new release will be for all current consoles and also PCs on Steam.

For Squenix themselves, the company showed a new trailer for the HD-2D remake of Dragon Quest III, as well as announcing a release date of November 14. It will also be released for all current consoles and PC. It looks and sounds as good as you'd expect from seeing previous HD-2D games from Square Enix and Artdink.

Dragon Quest III is the earliest game in terms of narrative in the original three games, though, so you might be wondering, what of the earlier-released games of the series? Turns out that Squenix sneaked another announcement into the new trailer; HD-2D releases of Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest II are also in production, and will be released sometime in 2025.

The final game from yesterday’s Direct was the announcement of another remake, this time Romancing SaGa 2. It's a fully-3D remake of the original 1993 Super Famicom game, complete with voice acting, and will be released October 24 of this year. This one won't come to Microsoft consoles but will still be released on other consoles and Steam.

TheSpeedGamers Final Fantasy Charity Marathon Scheduled for July

TSG Final Fantasy StreamLongtime friends of CoN, TheSpeedGamers, have announced a charity marathon stream of Final Fantasy games for next month, starting July 9 at 7pm ET and running through July 14. For this marathon, donations will be in support of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, one of my personal favorite charities. As of this post, the schedule is still to be determined, but expect a large slate, as previous Final Fantasy marathons from TSG have covered virtually every mainline single-player game and then some.

CoN is supporting TSG this summer as well! We will rebroadcast the stream live on our homepage throughout the marathon, and I'm certain it will be a topic of discussion on our Discord too. We've also just packaged up some donations to be given away for raffles and donation goals during the stream in partnership with ThePhoenixCave, with more to come! If you'd like to be a part of CoN's contributions, start by grabbing some of our holographic stickers before they're gone, or come talk to me in Discord.

Keep an eye out here for more information, and don't forget to tune in on July 9.

Source: TheSpeedGamers (, ThePhoenixCave
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