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News from May 2018

Kingdom Hearts III Playable... for the Press

Kingdom Hearts
Sometime this week - it seems like nobody knows or is allowed to say exactly when, from my reading - there is going to be a press-only event to play Kingdom Hearts III. Obviously, we're not quite "pressy" enough to get that invite, but that's okay! Even from the outside looking in, there's some valuable information just in knowing that this event is going to occur. For one, having an event like this definitely implies that the "2018" release date is going to stick; we're almost halfway through the year, but it's definitely reasonable to assume now that they will manage to at least hit a holiday release. For another, the game must be coming together pretty well in Squenix' eyes, or else they wouldn't be taking the step to let people play a functional version of the game before E3 starts.

In any event, journalists who get a chance to play the game will be allowed to start posting their thoughts at 9am Eastern this coming Friday, May 18. We'll know then roughly how things are looking, and if they are given any other information, like a release window or announcement that Steamboat Willie is the Big Bad, at that time.

Source: Gematsu
Posted in: Square-Enix News

Square Enix Announce E3 Showcase Video

E3 Expo
They're still not doing a real standalone presser, having discontinued that practice after the 2015 version of E3, but for 2018 Square Enix will be doing a prerecorded broadcast on June 11, starting at 1pm Eastern time, or 6pm GMT. It will be broadcast over YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, and a streaming network called Mixer that I've never actually heard of because I'm not young and/or cool. It will also be available via Square Enix' E3 microsite.

Beyond that, details are a bit thin so far. We know that the broadcast will be available in Japanese and English, and there will be no physical location to watch the stream in person at or near E3, with the company relying solely on the distributed stream. The company does not plan to pre-publish a list of games to be discussed, nor is there any word as to whether any of the major pressers will include any Squenix game information in advance. Of course, that leaves us plenty of room to speculate! I think it's a lock that we'll see much more new information around Kingdom Hearts III and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, quite likely that there will be some new content for Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XV, Dissidia NT and the ongoing mobile games discussed, and not out of the realm of possibility that we'll get announcements of some new mobile games or ports for immediate release. I doubt we'll get anything out of Final Fantasy VII, though.

Source: Gematsu

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