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News from March 2012

Square Enix News Tidbits: Games with DLC For You

Square Enix
Just how prevalent is downloadable content these days? Well, think back a few weeks. You might have heard that Bioware took heat on Mass Effect 3 for offering day-one DLC that wasn't available to everyone for free. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is taking a bit of heat for the same thing, of course, so it's really awesome intercorporate synergy that you will soon be able to download Mass Effect content into Final Fantasy XIII-2, namely armor worn by the crew of the Normandy. In a separate pack, you can also download Ultros and Typhon to fight and add to your monster pack. Ultros is a SYN, and Typhon is a COM, for those already excited by the prospect.

With regards to other Squenix games with DLC, check out the news this week that Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy now is confirmed to come to the West. That link discusses Europe specifically, but the release was also confirmed for North America on the Square Enix Facebook page.

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance is coming out in Japan next Thursday, a release that has been anticipated since the Nintendo 3DS was announced. With the game all but out now, video from the Premiere Event to show the game and celebrate the tenth anniversary of the franchise showed up online. Additionally, an advertisement made from game footage and clips of the event has been on the air in Japan. andriasang has both on one convenient page for KH fans.

Finally, a new domain has been registered and a teaser video produced for a mystery new game, apparently to be released this Summer in Japan. Rumor has it that the game will be called Crystal Conquest, but no other details are available. Kotaku guesses that it will be a smartphone game, and that seems like a pretty reasonable guess.

Source: andriasang, Square Enix Members Europe, Kotaku

Japanese Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Website

General Final Fantasy
That's right, in news intended to either make you feel quite old or quite young, Final Fantasy turns 25 this year; the original game was released in December 1987. Always one to stand on ceremony (and, increasingly, nostalgia), Square Enix obviously have something planned for the occasion.

So far, the site doesn't do much; it merely links to all of the core games of the series, as well as Theatrhythm and Final Fantasy Brigade, a Japan-only social RPG released at the beginning of the year. It also links to the anniversary performance of Distant Worlds, which will take place in London on 2 November (tickets go on sale tomorrow, the 15th!).

It might not be a bad idea to check back on that site soon, you never know if they might have something fun planned for later this year!

Source: Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary
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