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News from January 2006

Nintendo Announces a New DS

Nintendo DS
The DS Lite, boasting a sleek white casing 2/3 the size of the original, was announced on Nintendo of Japan's website four days ago*. The new DS also possesses slightly different button placement (check out the link for a comparison) and four adjustable levels of screen brightness in addition to the 20%-lighter body.

This is hardly a surprise, as Nintendo has already released four versions of the Game Boy Advance over its somewhat short lifespan (counting the orignal and backlit reissues of the SP as two seperate versions), and most Nintendo fans had correctly assumed that it was only a matter of time before some new incarnation of Nintendo's strong-selling handheld was released. The DS Lite boasts a different look and some new features, and while it certainly isn't as drastic a new design as the Game Boy Advance SP was, it will probably bolster the sales of the already massively popular DS (Japanese retailers have resorted to importing American DS hardware to meet demand) to new heights.

As a person who really wants a DS but does not yet own one, if this means that any incarnation of the DS gets cheaper, I'm going for it. The new DS might look like an iPod, but it sure looks nice.

*I was intending to post this information as early as four days ago, but CoN's server troubles prevented me from doing so. Sure, this story is a smidgeon late, but I felt like it was interesting enough to post anyhow.

Source: Revolution Report

Mother 3 Release Date Announced

The wait that has been put upon fans of this game appears to be nearing it's end. Itoi himself confirmed that today Mother 3's definite launch date in Japan will be April 20th. With the release date set, they no longer plan to really work on the game, which in other words means the game is complete, and just waiting to release. With a nice long wait to keep people salivating over it. The game is also a GBA game, which just sweetens the deal moreso, as you can play it on the DS as well.

I can't wait for a US release, myself. I just hope that this one doesn't have the pulsating battle background which gave me migraine after migraine, limiting my ability to play to about two hours a day, if even.

Source: Joystiq

New Details on Dragon Quest Prequel Emerge

Dragon Quest
Shonen Jump magazine recently offered a more in-depth look at the RPG based on Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, starring a much younger (and much thinner) version of the hero's ex-bandit sidekick named Yangus, aptly but oddly entitled Dragon Quest Yangus.

First revealed visually at Jump Festa in December, the prequel - in league with Square-Enix's Mysterious Dungeon series - will fixate on the childhood adventures of Yangus and the trials which molded him into the, uh, "hero" he became. The story kicks off with Yangus insolubly appearing in an alternate world where he begins his quest through the true meat of the game - the ever-changing dungeons.

Just like the Mysterious Dungeon titles it takes after, Dragon Quest Yangus will contain ample dungeons to tackle and traverse that are generated randomly with each playthrough. That is, their regeneration would be limited as such if not for a new feature implemented within the game: To be blunt, this time around the dungeons will also regenerate with a purely chance outcome each time they're exited and then re-entered. Players will be forced to think twice before stepping outside of one; it will be as if a new dungeon took its place upon returning back inside.

Update! Dragon Quest Yangus is now scheduled to hit the PlayStation 2 in Japan on April 20th, 2006.


Source: RPGamer

Warning: May Contain Sharp Edges

Caves of Narshe Site News
Something bizarre happened to our host this afternoon, which has resulted in corruption to some of our data.

The most notable victim we've found so far is the data from our actual forum posts. I've manually fixed several serious errors in this regard, but there will continue to be unusual corruption in some old messages unless we restore an earlier version. Sorry about that.

If you spot anything else anywhere on the site which appears to be corrupt somehow, such as obviously massively inaccurate data (more so than our usual standards anyway!), odd symbols in text descriptions, or apparent programming code leaking out onto the visible site, please report to us as soon as you can where it is and what's wrong with it. We're still not sure how much this might've affected.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
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$499 PS3 Launch?

Playstation 3
I wince just writing this, but there has been some heavy speculation that Sony will soar to new heights with a $499 pricetag on its Playstation 3.

Sony has been pretty quiet on the topic, stating only that "it will be expensive" and not even directing that comment to the general public, but given what we know about the technology Sony intends to include and how much that technology costs, the previous assumption of something around the 360's $399 seems naive. For instance, Sony has been widely touting BluRay DVD technology, and will obviously be using it to read discs. A recently debuted BluRay DVD player was priced at $1,800.

Are they doing us just to scare us, so the $399 that they've been intending all along seems like a real bargain compared to the numbers we've been imagining? I guess they'll have to tell us sooner or later.


Dragon Quest Bound For Nintendo Revolution?

Dragon Quest
Courtesy of an interview with, Dragon Quest (or, for those who care little about the continuity of titles, Dragon Warrior) producer Yuji Horii, like many other series heads before him - including Konami's Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima - made it evident at an event held in London last week to commemorate the launch of Square-Enix's largely successful Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King that his reaction toward the prototype controller for Nintendo's up-and-coming Revolution console could be summarized as something more than slightly thrilled, as described by the site's attending journalists.

When prompted by a question regarding the Revolution's controller, Yuji Horii divulged quite a bit of eagerness in response: "I loved the fact that it was interactive, that you do something and you get feedback." According to Horii, a novel concept behind the greatest video game would involve complete interactivity and dictate that consequences are received from the player's every action. Because of the Revolution controller's function, the interactivity isn't limited simply to the gameplay, but extends to the hardware itself. "You do something, and it reacts to you," he stated. "It's human nature that to have some feedback from your actions is rewarding."

So what does all this toying with the idea really amount to? Frankly, the details are too few to draw a solid conclusion, but not too vague to speculate. Oddly enough, the question "Are there any plans to release this title (Dragon Quest VIII) on different platforms or game consoles?" that sprung up on the event's press notes was met with a curious "TBA" (To Be Announced) printed next to it, although nothing yet is confirmed.

The highest selling series in Japan, the very last major Dragon Quest title to be released on a Nintendo console was in 1995, and it's been even less recent for gamers outside its country of origin. But whether or not it's by a gambler's chance, an emergence of the Dragon Quest series on the Revolution may very well have its potential.

Sources: CVG

Sony PS3 Controller Absent in Latest Display

Playstation 3
Yesterday, the 2006 International Cosumer Electronics Show began its weekend-long run of exhibits of all of the latest and upcoming consumer electronics that will make noise in 2006. As all of the show-goers expected, Sony had a fairly extensive PS3 presentation, including both black and silver console designs and blu-ray technology demonstrations.

However, noticeably missing in the display was the PS3's controller (shown here). The absence of what was originally thought to be a finished product of the controller strongly suggests that Sony took it back to the drawing board. The PS3's controller was widely criticized for a probable lack of comfort and its bizarre shape (often mockingly referred to as a "batarang"), particularly when the PS2's DualShock 2 controllers were so widely popular and successful.

This move is surprising for anyone that made the reasonable assumption of thinking that the batarang was the final build of the PS3 controller. All of the negative criticism of said batarang and the widespread praise of the XBox 360 controller (shown here) appeared to cause Sony to panic somewhat and begin work anew on the controller for the enigmatic PS3.

The PS3 is scheduled for a 2006 release, but the second-quarter release date seems even more unlikely now, with rumors of buggy development kits and this new supposed redesigning of the controller.

Punch Jump, via

Two EverQuests Call for Two More Expansions

With the stack of holidays all but out of mind and the New Year's hangovers now long forgotten, it's once again that mystical time when one's forced to get things back in gear. And what better way for me to kick off the new year than with the latest details on every PC addict's revered fixation and second reality, often called EverQuest?

To be more specific, Sony Online Entertainment contemporarily stated that expansions for EverQuest and EverQuest II were soon on the way. The two new add-oners, Prophecy of Ro and Kingdom of Sky, are both expected to come out this February. However, this time around players will be exposed to more depth in the online RPG as they locate and make use of - or simply break apart for the sake of fun - various destructible items. There are dozens of extra zones and multiple new dungeons to explore, as well as over 30 additional missions to keep fans occupied, plus even more!

The story behind EverQuest II: Kingdom of Sky in particular, involves an area above the world of Norrath; a place among a series of floating islands together known as the Overrealm. Along with the ten brand new zones, higher level caps, and the umpteen creatures incorporated within the land are the tantalizing Good and Evil deathmatches held between characters - a feature made possible due to the expansion's "Player versus Player" functionality.

Kingdom of Sky will be out on the 11th of February. As for Prophecy of Ro, it will turn up in retail stores and online come the 21st, just shy of two weeks later.

Source: RPGFan
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Nintendo Revolution Price Discussed

With Microsoft's XBox 360 priced at a record high of $399 (or $299 if you don't want to be able to save or play old games) and the Playstation 3 widely expected to follow suit with a pricetag in the same neighborhood, is next generation gaming out of reach for the underfunded? Not if Nintendo has its say.

Company president Satoru Iwata confirmed in an interview with Yahoo! Japan that the Nintendo Revolution will debut for less than the $299 price tag of the bare bones Xbox system. This also puts the new Nintendo console below the price range of the PS2's launch, and seems to indicate that the Revolution will be priced on par with the Game Cube, which initially sold for $199. Perhaps unfortunately, it's almost certain that this comparative discount comes at the cost of power and graphics technology that Sony and Microsoft fans can expect.

Personally, graphics aren't everything to me--especially when we're talking a difference of at least a hundred smackeroos between the Revolution and the PS3. Given that I'm underfunded and probably won't be able to afford more than one next-gen system (and I can buy the one thanks to the housing allowance on my scholarship), price is important to me. Besides, if the rumors are true, Nintendo is more than making up for their lagging in the graphics department with other innovative features, like the controller and the announced ability to download and play old Nintendo games.

Source: IGN

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