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News from September 2005

Seiken Densetsu DS and Seiken Densetsu 4 Announced

Two new installments to the beloved Seiken Densetsu series are on the way, and it's about time! Seiken Densetsu DS: Children of Mana and the long awaited Seiken Densetsu 4 were recently announced by Square Enix as part of the company's World of Mana project. As the title of the first game implies, Children of Mana will be released on the Nintendo DS heldheld, continuing the series tradition of 2D graphics. Seiken Densetsu 4 will feature highly-detailed 3D graphics, but it is currently unknown on what platform it will appear.

While no US release dates are in sight for either game, Seiken Densetsu DS: Children of Mana will be on sale in Japan in 2006. No release date has been confirmed for Seiken Densetsu 4.

Source: RPGFan
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New Final Fantasy XII Trailer

Square Enix
As any person eagerly awaiting the release of Final Fantasy XII can tell you, it's been a long time since we've been allowed to see a new trailer for the game. Well, Square-Enix has decided to throw us fans a bone with a new video showcasing some amazing looking visuals, and some of the Japanese voice acting (with english subtitles).

They haven't added any of the actual in-game footage, but come on, it's Square-Enix, when do they ever show actual gameplay footage in their trailers?

Source: FFShrine
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New Final Fantasy 6 Fanfics

Caves of Narshe Site News
With all this new staff available, it was bound to happen for new things to find their way on the site. Well, it is now beginning with a new batch of fanfics, specifically for FF6 (and you can expect some new updates on other games sometime soon).

Said batch proposes a piece from Del S, whom previous submission got him first place in our Gogo Fanfiction contest, held in the Spring of 2004. It also introduces a new writer among us, with three pieces from Manapriestess. We hope you will like her unique style just as much as we do.

All four fanfics can be viewed on our FF6 fanfics page. Happy reading to all fanfiction lovers.
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New Moderator Fun

Caves of Narshe Site News
Again, I never can make these things happen fast enough for people not to notice before I can say something. So a lot of you probably already know that we've got a new block of moderators joining up today.

We selected some people that we can work with, who have good dispositions, at least some smarts, and some knowledge of moderation tactics. Our new game forum moderators also will display a nice big chunk of specific knowledge to the games they will be modding.

So, welcome to our new moderators!

  • Mr Thou, upgraded to Global Moderator

  • Hanyou, a Global Moderator

  • Sabin, moderating Final Fantasy IV

  • Caesar and Djibriel , moderating Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI

  • Super Moogle, moderating our General Topics and Gaming forums

We sincerely hope that these new folks will keep up the completely oppressive and "Nazi"-ish method of moderating forums that you all have come to expect and enjoy.

On another note, we will be adding some folks in the very near future to help with maintenance tasks around the site - we have already selected a few and will be letting you all know when they start to get cranking.

Thanks a lot to all!
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100K Post Contest!

Caves of Narshe Site News
Or, "CoNtest." lol R51 funny lol.

You might have noticed that we just the other day crossed the line of 95000 posts. We're still a small forum, of course, but as Tiddles has said before, there's something magical about having lines of zeroes in numbers, and soon we'll have five of them in the post total.

To commemorate the one-hundred-thousandth post, we're throwing a little contest. It's really just the guessing game we've always liked to do, but this time you're going to get a prize!

Here's the game. You have between now and the time when post number 97,500 is made to give me a guess on which date 100k will fall. You should PM me this guess so the winner is a surprise, but feel free to post in this thread to let us all know you're in the game. We'll cut off entries after the 97,500th post to make sure there's no advantage in guessing later. Once we hit the big 100k, we'll take note of when the post was made, and who's closest to it.

If you're the closest to the date, you'll win something fun from CoNStore, specifically a mousepad or a mug. If you manage to get the date exactly right, you'll get a t-shirt too. I personally suggest the MAWAII~ shirt, though I'll try to get some new items up between now and then too.

If two people magically get the same date, well, I guess I'll go broke buying prizes. wink.gif

Note that it would probably be not terribly easy to spam up the place to win. However, should you try, you'll find yourself disqualified from the contest and given a +40% warning at a bare minimum.

In any event, feel free to start guessing now! Make sure you get the entries in before the 97,500.
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