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News from June 2005

Lunar: Dragon Song for the Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS
The Lunar Series, which has not had an original title developed for it since Lunar 2: Eternal Blue for the Sega CD back in 1995, is set to have its first completely new title. Lunar: Dragon Song will be released on July 16th in the United States.

Dragon Song is a prequel to the original Silver Star Story. As the title of the topic says, the game will appear on the Nintendo DS. The story takes place in a time in which beastmen are the dominant race. While not the dominant race, humans peacefully coexist with the beastmen, living in the countryside. This peace is disrupted, however, when the goddess Althena powers begin to fail. It is rumoured that a tribe of black-magic wielders have kidnapped her. The story follows the adventures of Jian and his journey to save her.

There are some changes from the previous Lunar games in Dragon Song. Game Arts has switched to an isometric view for dungeons, towns, etc. instead of the old top-down perspective. Some changes have been made in the battle system as well. First, there will be no more random encounters (enemies will appear on screen as in the remakes). A "Battle Card" system has been added as well. Players will be able to equip their characters with cards to gain additional abilities. One way Dragon Song will make use of the DS's two screens is by placing aerial enemies in the upper screen.

Source: RPGamer


Even though I find myself to be increasingly tired of anime-style games, I would probably check this out if I had a DS as I enjoyed the earlier Lunar games.

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