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News from February 2005

Fanfic for Final Fantasy Six

Caves of Narshe Site News
L. Cully has submitted another fanfic called From the Sea, which is now viewable in the FF6 Fanfiction Section. The fanfic centres around Terra, and is quite original.

Feel free to comment on this fanfic in the original submission topic, or here.
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Final Fantasy VII is Our (Vincent) Valentine

Caves of Narshe Site News

Happy Valentine's Day for tomorrow (or today, if you're from an especially silly time zone) from all of us here in the Caves. For some reason, we chose this day to launch our brand new Final Fantasy VII section.

Then we pulled it forward to today anyway.


We've deviated a little from the norm on this one. While you'll still find the game data coverage you've come to expect from us, we've focused on adding more in the way of guides and tips to this section. No longer are sidequests bundled into unexpected places in the walkthrough; you'll now find detailed guides dedicated to the optional and non-sequential elements of the game, written both by staff and various long-time friends of the site, who are credited on the section main page.

We're also trying out a new spoiler system for the section, and we'd love some feedback on it. It's not perfect — if you go and look at the last chapter of the walkthrough when you're still playing the beginning, you're still going to get things spoiled — but hopefully it should largely protect you from wandering into massive spoilers accidentally, unless you turn the spoiler option on to view the full section content.

Plus, as usual, you'll find a selection of fanart and fanfiction, and a few downloadables we thought you might enjoy.

As ever, please do let us know of any errors or omissions, or things we could improve, particularly things you think should be spoilered that we might not have noticed. And finally, a massive, massive thank-you to everyone who's contributed to the section over the stupidly long time we've been building it, and special congratulations to Mr Thou, whose work on the section leads him to officially becoming a CoN staff member as of today.


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