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News from August 2004

Two New Fanfics

Caves of Narshe Site News
After a long period of not having the ability to update, there are now two fanfics on the site.

Madness ...and a Beetle is an FF6 fanfiction by Djibriel that centres around Cyan.

Sialla and Idi is a short and funny piece by Zephir that takes place in a familiar village, but with new characters (not characters in FF4).

Both of these authors are members of the forums, and have contributed before. Their previous work can be found in the FF6 and FF4 sections as well.

Enjoy! More to come soon.
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CoN Hostees and Affiliates

Caves of Narshe Site News
We here at CoN have always wanted to offer hosting to a few small sites that present good or innovative information to the Final Fantasy community; however, that has rarely been an option in our history.

As you've seen in the last few months, we've started to do just that. Now that CoN has a relatively stable and relatively permanent server to call home, we have extended a couple welcomes to our compatriots in the world of Final Fantasy sites, first Fierce Legends, and now, our second hostee, the Unoriginal White Sheet published by CoN member Master ZED. We know that this site is quite popular among the Final Fantasy hacking community, including those who don't hack but like knowing the inner workings of the game. We're pleased to help ZED to get away from his horrid old host. happy.gif

In other news, we've added another new affiliate to the group - this is, I think, the third or fourth this year, an impressive number of top-tier sites who want to link with us. This time around, it's our first-ever foreign-language affiliate (and before you ask, we can say that because we don't consider bad English to be foreign). Everyone, please say hello to Final Craft, a German site with extensive coverage of PSX and PS2 Final Fantasy games. Give it a brief check, even if you don't know German.

There we go, that's our site update for the day. We're working on stuff around the site now, hopefully we'll have more to tell you soon!
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CoN Expands Again

Caves of Narshe Site News
Couple weeks ago, CoN turned seven. You might have noticed that I said that we had some stuff planned for you. You might have noticed also that I so gently implied that if you still insist on referring to CoN as a FF6 site, you might not be all that bright.

Maybe you weren't paying attention then. Perhaps you haven't the imagination to look past the name of this site and realize that we cover four games now, and have coverage rivaling or surpassing sites out there (and if you don't think so, feel free to PM me to tell me who does it better and why).

Perhaps you'll notice when you're done reading this message, or at least that is my hope. I want this to be a nail in the coffin - we're serious about the future of this site. While most sites out there are stagnating, you can count on CoN to stay here and keep trying to give you what you want.

So here's your nail in the coffin; here's what we wanted to offer you as a birthday present but couldn't quite get there. The staff and I proudly present to you the fifth game in the CoN stable - Final Fantasy. We've got data for both the NES and newer PSX versions, and we want you to get into this classic game if you never have before. We think this section is by far the most detailed and best coded we've ever done, and we hope you feel the same.

So please, visit the section, and let us know what you think. We hope that you will get as much enjoyment out of using the FF1 section as we got out of putting it together! ...oh. We hope you enjoy it more.
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Square Enix Releases First Official FFXII Tracks

General Final Fantasy
As a teaser of sorts, Square Enix has added three songs from FFXII to the game's official website.

The songs are the work of FFXII main composer Hitoshi Sakimoto. This will be the first Final Fantasy in which Nobuo Uematsu does not hold that title. As of right now, the titles of the first and third songs are unknown. Song two, however, is believed to be "Ashe's Theme."

The tracks are streamed from the website and cannot be directly downloaded without a hassle. However, one can download them in MP3 form from's Music page.


I've only listened to the first two tracks, but I've liked what I've heard thus far. It's a shame that Nobuo Uematsu isn't the main composer for the game, but I'm sure he probably wanted a break after working on all those other Final Fantasy games. Hitoshi Sakimoto was a good choice, in my opinion, to replace him though.
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