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News from January 2004

FF4 Fanfiction Section Update

Caves of Narshe Site News
Another great short fic by SpacemanSpiff is now available for your reading pleasure in the FF4 section. Feel free to comment in this thread, or in the appropriate Site Submissions thread.

Please visit our FF4 fanfiction section to read "A Call to Darkness".
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Virtual Boy 2? Nintendo Reveals New Console

The past few months, Nintendo representatives have building up excitement about a radically new and innovative console that is neither the successor to the GameCube nor the Game Boy Advance. Originally Nintendo planned to keep the console a secret until the E3 Expo. It appears that the company has change its mind as it has revealed the console, tentatively named the Nintendo DS, in a recent press release.

This console truly is going to be different than any other previous console. It will feature not one, but two back-lit 3-inch TFT LCD screens and two separate 32-bit ARM microprocessors. It is thought the two screens will be used to give the gamer both an overview and a zoom-able close-up view.

As stated earlier, it is not the successor to the GCN or GBA and will not be marketed as such. Little is known about the software at the current time. It will not be backwards compatible with any previous Nintendo system though.

Source: Gamespot


First off, let me say that I'm willing to give anything a chance. However, this whole console seems like a massive gimmick to me. I can't see my puny American mental capacities allowing me to focus on two screenes at the same time. I would imagine it is going to be difficult to even develop games for the machine.

It's good that Nintendo is trying to be innovative. Console gaming almost died in the early 80s (I'm looking at you Atari in particular [note my time period might be off]) because of lack of innovation. I just wish the innovation seemed like less of a gimmick. Hopefully it will do better than Virtual Boy, the other Nintendo console which was seen as nothing more than a gimmick by many.

Another Semi-Regular Site Update

Caves of Narshe Site News
We've upgraded some more parts of the page so you guys can have better data and more access to it. Here's a brief list.
  • Added a link to i90's expert version of FF6. CoN created a small-download patch.
  • There's a new CoN poll on the main site, too. It's not terribly exciting, but knowing what screen resolution you use is helpful to me in designing new features.
  • We modified the maps sections. You now have a bigger map to use, and the locations with no shops are greyed out so you don't bother clicking them. You also get a pretty map that matches each site skin, and for FF4, the stores correctly display the difference between FF4PSX and FF2US stores. These changes apply to Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V, and Final Fantasy VI.
  • There's a big one that we're proud of, too. For the Final Fantasy VI section, we've developed an extensive crossreferencing ability that not only will show you all the places you can find each weapon, armor, relic, etc. in the game, it also links you directly to the enemy or location from which you get it. It uses the CoN-exclusive "W technology" to put more information at your fingertips than any other FF site. We plan to slowly roll these features out to every game we cover. To see an example, take a visit to the Final Fantasy VI weapons page.
Hope you enjoy the new stuff.
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New Companies to Enter Console Market

Apex Digital and Infinium Labs, companies new to the gaming market, have each designed a console to compete with the industry giants: Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.

Apex's machine, called the "ApeXtreme," will be released within the next four months and will carry a price tag just under $400.
Details about the ApeXtreme can be found at

Infinium has yet to give a specific date for release of the "Phantom;" however, the Phantom debuted at the Ultimate Gamers' Expo in Los Angeles last August. The console's expected price range is from $300 to $500.
Details about the Phantom are available at Infinium

Both the ApeXtreme and the Phantom use a modified version of the Windows XP OS and support broadband Internet connection.


Neither of the machines sound like anything amazing to me; so far they have minimal publisher relationships. However, at least one of the two consoles will have some degree of support for running games designed for PC play, which is an interesting attempt at melding desktop to console gaming.

One other noteworthy piece is the price of each console--compared to the $99 Gamecube, it's hard to see how these virtually unknown companies can compete.

FFXI Milestone

General Final Fantasy
Announced on the 7th of this month, the Final Fantasy game that some people love and others hate has reached the 500,000-user mark. Over a million characters have been created since launching in May of 2002.

So while some Final Fantasy fans may avoid the game, because of fees and being strictly on the computer, there is still a very healthy fanbase for FFXI.

Source: RPGamer


I myself tried the game, but just couldn't get into it. It looks like fun, and it's easy enough to play, however I'm strictly a console gamer. I can see how someone who does like playing their games on the PC, and doesn't mind a monthly fee, would enjoy this game tremedously.
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New FF4 Fanfiction

Caves of Narshe Site News
We have a new fanfiction by SpacemanSpiff, now in the FF4 section. It's called Reflect and Reveal, and takes place just around the beginning of the game.

Please visit our FF4 fanfiction section to read it.
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Kingdom Hearts II Details

Square Enix
New details have surfaced about Squeenix's follow-up to their successful Kingdom Hearts title.

These details mainly focus on gameplay. The basic game mechanics will remain mostly unchanged in the sequel. One aspect that will have some changes is the summoning system, though. The changes will make it easier to use summons in a battle. There are also plans to rework the Gummi Ship.

There is still not even a Japanese release date for the game, however.

Source: RPGamer


I have only played about two hours of KH1 or so, and it seemed like a really good action RPG. Hopefully, the sequel will be just as good (if not better) than the original. What I hope even more though is that I can finish KH1 before the second is released in the North America.
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