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Rumor Mill: Final Fantasy VII Remake Delay?

Final Fantasy VII
As mentioned in CoN news earlier, Square-Enix's new partnership with Marvel is confirmed and will clearly be this huge, big-budgeted Juggernaut™ with multiple collaborative releases expected over the next several years. Marvel's stories and characters in a Square-Enix graphics engine? The possibilities are endless! What's not to love?

Well for one, this could potentially be responsible for a possible setback in the schedules of one or several big titles Square-Enix slated to release over the coming years. FF7 is already rumored to be pushed back, possibly into 2018. According to (source below), game director Tetsuya Nomura indicated that they have a full schedule for the year including a priority on Kingdom Hearts 3 over all else, and that the FF7 Remake delay is highly likely. While they did not explicitly state that the Marvel collaboration had any connection, more details (and hopefully the release date!) should be coming when the director attends the Monaco Anime Game International Conference (MAGIC) on February 18th.

If true, does this make you feel any less thrilled about the FF7 Remake? We know what happens when this company begins to delay games...!



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Rangers51Comment 1: 2017-01-30 20:59
Rangers51 I would assume that the Marvel game(s) would mainly be developed by some of the western studios in the Squenix portfolio, like Avengers coming from CD and Eidos Montreal. Hopefully that won't alter VII Remake on its own, which is of course being developed back at the mothership, but no surprise that VII Remake might be slipping anyway. Even episodically, 2017 seemed ambitious.
fatmanComment 2: 2017-01-31 14:57
fatman I wasn't expecting it to arrive this year and I don't think they ever gave a release date so 2018 wouldn't be a delay. But hopefully they don't keep fans waiting too long. Maybe we'll find out more at E3?
TrueBOSSComment 3: 2017-02-13 17:48
TrueBOSS I agree with fatman. I never expected to see a release in 2017 anyways. Which doesn't bother me seeing as we got Kingdom hearts 2.8 in january and will be getting the XII rerelease for PS4 this summer. And I've expected Kingdom Hearts 3 to be out the door before it as well.
Btw, an interesting side note. A couple years ago when doing research into certain titles (sorry, don't remember too many details) I read an article stating that Kingdom Heart 3 was taking so long because key members of the required development team where tied up in other projects. A few months later I read a similar story about a possible Chrono Trigger sequel.... The second part is a pipe dream but it's a fun notion to think about.
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