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Final Fantasy VII Remake Episode Scale Detailed

Final Fantasy VII
In an interview with GameInformer debuting their May 2015 cover feature on Final Fantasy XV, Yoshinori Kitase spoke also about the methodology of releasing Final Fantasy VII Remake as an episodic game.

Naturally, some fans are not pleased about the news of the game being episodic, assuming that it will make the game less playable, or cost more, or something else. Those concerns could still be valid, of course; we won't know for quite a long time. What we do know now thanks to Kitase's interview is that the game will be split into an unknown number of parts, but that each will be "full-scale." He also compared the methodology of splitting the story to what was done with Final Fantasy XIII, in which each chapter told a part of the story from a different angle, and that each episode of VII Remake "should be on par with the scale of one Final Fantasy XIII game."

Of course, that does raise some questions, as in my opinion, all three games in the XIII series have fairly different lengths. Personally, I have a hundred hours in XIII, but I have 100% of achievements in 13-2 in under 60. I did about 45 in my first playthrough of Lightning Returns. If I were to look back far enough, I'd guess I topped out at about 90 for all of Final Fantasy VII nearly 20 years ago. What does this mean for Final Fantasy VII Remake? Well, about as much concretely as anything Kitase said thus far!

Source: TechRadar


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TrueBOSSComment 1: 2016-05-15 01:18
TrueBOSS My thoughts exactly. all 3 games for 13 had different lengths. At least we know each game isn't going to be short. Idk how i feel about each chapter being from different perspectives. And how far are we going to go with this? Is it just going to be that we play as cloud one part and tifa/barret/aerith/whaterver the next? or are we going to have a whole part or segment where we play as someone else (the name being at the top of my head is reeve) so we can see what was going on at shinra's end during a part of the story or something.

On a fun side note i just thought of, 13-2 and 13LR both had microtransactions. Theres no way 7's not going to have them. I wonder what costumes or side content they're going to try and sell us.
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