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Final Fantasy Concerts Remaining in 2023

Distant Worlds
I've been remiss for quite a while at keeping everyone up on Distant Worlds (and A New World) dates. However, for the former, the Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary Program has continued apace, and there are eleven future dates coming up across the US, Canada, and Brazil:
  • Los Angeles, August 13, 2023
  • Cleveland, Ohio, September 9
  • São Paulo, September 28
  • Rio de Janeiro, October 1

  • Austin, Texas, November 10
  • Montreal, December 3
  • Seattle, January 20, 2024
  • Charlotte, North Carolina, February 3
  • Washington, DC, March 2
  • Hartford, Connecticut, March 23
  • San Francisco, May 31 and June 1
The smaller chamber orchestra for A New World currently has only three shows through the rest of 2023:
  • Boston, September 29
  • Cincinnati, October 1
  • San Diego, December 8
All shows for both series are available for ticket purchase or preorder right now.

Source: Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds, A New World: Intimate Music from Final Fantasy


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St KhaelComment 1: 2023-07-29 23:48
St Khael Woohoo! Austin is so much closer to us than where they've been previously. I'm so freaking excited. Looks like I'm taking version 9 of my Terra cosplay for a proverbial walk then. I actually retired version 8 at Coral when it came to Ft. Worth. I'm hoping beyond hope that they change up the music this time. They did a lot to expand on the collected music of 1-6 at Coral and I'm hoping to change up their regular music for 7 and up. It's a miracle that it survived Covid and I'm sure Arnie and the composers are wanting to change it up again by now. Still extremely worth it even if they don't, though. Incredible every single time.
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