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Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Game Announcements

Dragon Quest
Dragon Quest as a franchise turned 35 years old this week, and Square Enix went to town on bringing around new games. Gematsu has them all covered, so here is a quick list for Dragon Quest fans out there:
  • A twelfth entry in the mainline series, subtitled "The Flames of Fate," was announced with no release date but plans for a simultaneous worldwide release. A trailer lives behind the click.
  • Another new game, Dragon Quest Treasures, is a spinoff featuring characters from Dragon Quest XI as children, and is centered around treasure hunting. It, too, has a trailer past the link but not much other information to speak of.
  • For the MMO Dragon Quest, DQX, there were two new updates this week. First, the next expansion for version 6 will arrive in Japan this fall; additionally, an "offline" version was also announced for 2022.
  • Finally, an "HD-2D" remake of the third Dragon Quest game will be coming soon as well. Dragon Quest III was the final game for the NES, and the remake will combine pixel art and engine effects to re-render the game in a 3D environment. There’s no release date available for this game either, but there is (obviously?) a trailer too.
Seems like there will be plenty of content for Dragon Quest fans over the next couple years, to say the least.

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Glenn Magus HarveyComment 1: 2021-05-30 08:33
Glenn Magus Harvey The idea of an offline version of an MMORPG is intriguing, though I suspect that it's been done before? Though I can't think of an example, aside from Tkl Online which is actually just natively an offline game just made to resemble an MMORPG.

That HD-2D remake looks quite nice, and I haven't even played DQ3 before myself. Though I still feel that the juxtaposition of the pixelated spritework and the high-res surroundings still feels a little off. This wouldn't be the only game to have this issue, of course. I wonder if there's a way to "pixelate" the surroundings as well?
His ShadowComment 2: 2021-07-09 03:43
His Shadow I think Square Enix mentioned possible during the end of life for FFXIV making a single player version.

Final Fantasy XIV plays like a single player game, but it would need extreme work to be done to make it completely single player friendly. The Trust system was a huge leap forward but we would need a gambit system.

I imagine Dragon Age X single player is going to break ground on this aspect and I am very hopeful.

As for the HD-2D Version I plan on getting this. Dragon Quest XI really pulled me into the series I am debating on replaying it.
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