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Should Beatrix (FFIX)have been a main party member

Should she have been a main party member?
Yes! [ 9 ]  [47.37%]
Maybe [ 3 ]  [15.79%]
Should stay as a temporary [ 2 ]  [10.53%]
No! [ 5 ]  [26.32%]
Total Votes: 19
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Posted: 18th August 2005 18:33

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In opioion, yes she should have, execpt she would use the same weapons as Stiener and Excalibur II, IMO, should be her Ultimate weapon that could have been gotten in some side quest. As for her Trance she would have Dbl. Wht. and stronger attacks and skills (I.e. Shock!) she would have joined the party after
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Alexandria was destoyd by the invincible
She would have been in my party all of the time, but would replace Quina as a character for me (being my main group would be Eiko, Zidane, Beatrix, Stiener).
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Posted: 18th August 2005 21:03
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It might have been okay to get a character like her in the party, but it wouldn't have fit with the overall concept of the game, which relied heavily on you never getting a single competent, serious, or well-thought-out character in your group. I mean, Beatrix wasn't a furry, she didn't have a tail, and she didn't belong to some previously unknown animal race.

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Posted: 18th August 2005 21:19

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I voted Maybe,
It would be cool to have Beatrix instead of Steiner, to me that'd be really cool
but steiner and beatrix
they would probably have the same skillset (except for vivi black magic combo)
and to me that would be annoying

so it's a definate maybe

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Posted: 19th August 2005 19:11
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I think a yes. But, you CAN add Beatrix as a permanent character (as long as you want) simply by getting a gameshark and adding these codes to unlock her. But I think if certain requirements don't meet for the kind of gameshark, playstation, etc., then there is a good chance the game will freeze..

Getting Beatrix
What You Need if You Want Her
· An Action Replay device (Gameshark, Goldfinger, etc)
· An On/Off Switch on the device (Game Shark CDX will not work)
· Most likely a PlayStation dated Before 1999 (to support Action Replay)
· Final Fantasy IX (Japanese or North America editions)
· The appropiate Action Replay code for your device

Pick Your Code
· Japanese Game/Action Replay (or compatible): 801F4736·0208
· American Game/Action Replay (or compatible): 301F4761 00FF + 301F4761 0008
· American Game/Game Shark: E01F4761 00FF + 301F4761 0008

The Method
· Enter the appropriate code into your device
· Start your saved game
· When you appear, immediately save again
· Do not go to the menu screen nor get into a battle
· Turn off the Gameshark and reset (L1, L2, Start, Select)
· Go back into your saved game and into the party screen
· You should now have all nine slots filled, one for you·know·who

Mastering Beatrix
Stuff to Remember
· She is at Level 20, so start building up her levels
· She already has all her abilities and cannot learn more
· She has the Save·the·Queen permanately equippped
· Since she cannot use Support Ability, equip armor that has abilities in them
· She has two abilities with useful techniques and magic

· Her face doesn't appear on the Load Game screen, harmless
· She cannot de-equip the Save-the-Queen (without Action Replay)
· However she is the only player who can use the Save-the-Queen
· She cannot use Support Abilities, yet has Magic Stones
· She has no Trance attack or Trance Bar
· Using her to fight some battles (especially Necron!) will freeze the game
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Posted: 22nd August 2005 18:23

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Yeah, I wouldn't have minded. A nice Paladin type of character.

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Posted: 23rd August 2005 19:47

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Dagger left Alexandria at a time when they needed a leader to channel the rebuilding efforts. Beatrix is the only character in the game that wasn't rebuilding Lindblum suited for that. Alexandria needed her there.
The only thing she would add to the party is a redundancy.

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Posted: 24th August 2005 09:07

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This is a tough question.

But I actually think that it would have been cool if they made it that you could pick either Steiner or Beatrix to be part of the party.

Even if it meant a few things were changed throughout the storyline, it still would have been cool.

But I still prefer the original thing.

Overall, that is.

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Posted: 25th August 2005 03:08

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Sure. I'd take her over Steiner any day; she had all the good skills right off the bat, and she was much less annoying. Better yet, introduce Steiner and then kill him off quickly, replacing him with Beatrix.

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Posted: 25th August 2005 08:27

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Beatrix is my favorite character in FF9, but I do think that she would be better off as that unbeatable Alexandrian general and not a simple ally. That entire persona of her being the Queen's humble servant and the victorious swordswoman would evaporate, for me, if you could just get her in some natural way. Like Dark Paladin stated, her presence was required in her home, and what would the storyline make of both the queen and the undefeatable general running off on their duties? Someone has to hold down the fort.

So, for as much intrigue and power Beatrix has, I'd rather not have her, if just to keep the storyline a little less fuzzy. Getting her as a requirement, maybe after the rebuilding process was done, might be a better option, but still one that is likely to forgo her image of unsurmountable power. I like Beatrix the way she is!

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Posted: 25th August 2005 12:23

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If Steiner wasn't a main party character, I'd say a definate "Yes!". But with building up Steiner and despite Beatrix's character (one of my favorites), it would make one of them obsolete. It's fun playing Beatrix and Steiner at the beginning of disc 3, but it would be pointless to build them both up, abilities or not, for a good portion of the game. And, I agree with Shotgunnova that I think she's the coolest as an undefeatable boss.

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Posted: 25th August 2005 13:44

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Definitely yes! I don't care what they would've had to change around in the story; I like her better than almost all of the characters, and loved her fighting abilities. I would've been a much happier FF9-camper.

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Posted: 25th August 2005 16:34

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I voted yes. Beatrix is to FFIX what Leo was to FFVI, uber-characters that everyone wants in their party. Give me Beatrix or Leo anyday.

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