CoN 20th Anniversary: 1997-2017
What was your big "WOW" moment?

Posted: 14th March 2017 15:47

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What was the moment in this game that made you go from "This game's decent so far" to "whoa, this game is amazing" while experiencing it, probably for the first time?

For me, it was when they showcased the split party groups, specifically this moment:

user posted image

The Moogle Party in the beginning was certainly an "oh that's neat" part, but then the moogles left you immediately, and you don't deal with most of them ever again. But when the party splits up with different missions and experiences, the game took a turn into the amazing for me.

They didn't handle party members leaving like FF4, where people just left and came back and summed up their experience through a few lines, never straying from Cecil's point of view. You got to experience each path which had its own choices and difficulty, and nice character development for each. For many of them, you get to explore and practice their unique abilities as well, and I always spend way too long on the Veldt with Gau. I think this also helps during the jarring transition into the World of Ruin for obvious reasons.
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Posted: 14th March 2017 17:25

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Man, this is a hard question to answer. I know I've played the game less frequently than some folks here, but I doubt anyone here played the game much before I did (though I did have to wait two days post-launch to get my preorder!).

The game definitely had me from the jump, though, as that Mode 7 intro grabbed me immediately. However, I would say that the part that really made me sit up and pay attention was the escape from Figaro on Chocoback. That was the kind of set piece that had a lot of classic dialogue and a lot of action at the same time, and it was the kind of thing that would eventually become a hallmark of Final Fantasy games - but it hadn't really been done before then, not like that.

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Kefka's laugh. First time I heard it, I was a wide eyed nine year old thinking "What ... the heck was that?"

Everyone probably remembers, but back in the day, games hardly featured much voice acting at all due to technological limitations. So to have a malevolent laugh register was something simultaneously cool and horrifying at the same time. It was new, and it was one of the subtle things that hooked me at an early age.

The "can't put the controller down" moment came after the snow battle when you discovered (and I can't believe I need to put this in spoilers--it's like the person who gets upset when someone tells them Darth Vader is Luke's father ...oops, spoiler. But for the off chance that the one person who's never played it is watching)
Possible spoilers: highlight to view
Terra is an esper.

Blew my mind. Did not see that coming.

Those were the two things that stand out on my first playthrough.
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Posted: 15th March 2017 19:39

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The game caught me by surprise right from the start.

I had previously glimpsed the game at my friends' house, he had purchased it from an import game store with all the cash he had saved up at the time, and I thought it looked really good and felt different than all the game I had played so far on my Super Nintendo. It reminded me of a souped up version of a Zelda game for some reason, but with loads of dialogue and crazy battle system. I came and played in succession with him for a couple of weeks.

At the time, my dad used to go once a year to the NAB event at Las Vegas for the french TV, so when he asked me what I wanted for a gift, I said FF3.

My dad being one of the greatest man alive, he brought back FF3 and FF2 to boot, just to be sure, from a retail shop.

Now, to understand the last part, you have to realise one small detail : me and my friend were very eager to play when we gathered at his', so we mashed the buttons to go to our save and load it as fast as possible. But when I booted the game for the first time, it was in the small TV in my parents' room, where the console was plugged. And my dad wanted to check what he bought me, so we chatted about it a little.

That's how I saw the opening and intro for the first time, and how I was able to show something my best friend didn't know about the game he had had many months before me.

Best of times. The intro is incredibly moving and efficient, a perfect in media res.
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Posted: 16th March 2017 04:36

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...It's when Edgar tells Terra "No human is born with the powers you have!"

Terra has a panic attack. That struck me, as a kid who was prone to them myself, as a very human thing to have in a video game story. She is having a panic attack. She yanks the reins of the Chocobo hard enough to brink it to a stop, and Edgar and Locke have to circle back around because Terra is just freaking the heck out. And of course she is; how would you feel if somebody told you while you were in an amnesiac haze that you obviously aren't even human?

...Deep stuff. Gives me goosebumps to this day.

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Posted: 18th March 2017 18:42

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That moment for me was when Kefka actually destroyed the world. Sure, we've seen many villains threaten and cause mayhem, but this was the first time I've seen in any game where they succeed. It just floored me.

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I have a few. The first was when you got to control multiple groups and Moogles! wub.gif

The second was Gau and his backstory. Just damn.

The third was that Terra is 1/2 esper .

The final one is Kefka ( The original insane clown) blew up the world and you were powerless to stop him and then had to pick up the pieces and go after some sweet revenge.

also Kekfa > Sephiroth.

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The level of cruelty in figaro castle from kefka was the first thing to catch my attention.

From setting the castle on fire to his outright cruelty to soldiers.

I had seen villains at the time who would conquer the world and destroy stuff sure, but kefka was unique in that he actually tortured his very own soldiers and enjoyed watching people suffer.

Before ff6 my only reference was FF4 because at the time ff5 wasn't out in europe

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