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Are you older guys still interested in the ff?

Posted: 6th February 2018 22:22

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I'm going to try to keep this concise if I can.

Started on Final Fantasy for the NES, subsequently played the SNES ones available to me in the US. I didn't mess with II, III or V for these reasons until I was older and they were available. FF, IV and VI were huge for me as a gamer. VII was really impressive too on levels that even VI couldn't accomplish, but I was getting a little older and less impressionable. VIII was the black sheep of the series at that point, to me and to a lot of others, but I found reasons to like it. IX, despite going back to some of the traits I enjoyed... I just somehow got bored with. I haven't finished it to this day and I fully realize it deserves a replay (that I need to get to).

Then came X on PS2. I was thrilled about it. Then I learned to hate both Tidus and Blitzball, but it still had enough else going for it that I was super interested. At the time, the US release was cut in ways that majorly took away from gameplay and between Tidus, that and some other aspects I couldn't stand... I quit the game and FF as a series. I did mess with XI for a while but decided that MMOs are just not for me.

After this point many games were released, some with positive reviews... I've heard glowing acclaim of X since it was re-released but I just never had any interest in the "newer" FF games. I skipped all of them, but I also went back to my favorites and either messed with them or replayed them. So finally XV comes out after all of these years and I decided I'd give the franchise another chance and Hell, why not even play it on console? Got a PS4, got FFXV and I went in with a good attitude and I really enjoyed the experience as a whole. Glad I went through with it.

The TL;DR version, the franchise has it's ups and downs and where those changes occur tend to be wildly varied from one player experience to another.
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