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FFT | HOW TO: Get Excalibur & Ragnarok in Chapter

Posted: 31st July 2015 21:35
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FFT | HOW TO: Get Excalibur & Ragnarok in Chapter 2 from Gafgarion

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Posted: 2nd August 2015 20:20

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Well, you're right, you got a couple ad views off of me but what you said was accurate. smile.gif

It does very little to address exactly why one would have any real desire to deal with doing that, but do it you did! Honestly, I never considered that the game's setup would allow for something like this, but kudos to you or whoever put two and two together on it. I never would have thought of manipulating the game's ruleset that way on my own.

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Posted: 31st August 2015 12:09

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Not bad, I would have went with a chemist set up for Gaffy though (Note: I am commenting at the halfway point of the video, as I allow it to load on my archaic computer) if only to keep his attack power depressed, that would also have given him an unlimited pool of potions to heal himself and allow more chances given any random Delita interference.

It's only a shame you can really only do something like this at such high levels. One could do the de-level trick to bring levels back down in order to get some of the games challenge back, but at that point you have such over powered gear that the challenge is minimal anyway.

Still not a bad manipulation of vanilla tactics. Maybe not my cup of tea, but a fun little way to exploit the system. Could be useful in War of The Lions for multiplayer maybe, if that is even still possible given the changes made to that port.

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