CoN 20th Anniversary: 1997-2017
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I'd like to cancel my membership.

Posted: 31st July 2013 01:22

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Subject line.

0 is the best number.
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Posted: 31st July 2013 03:07

Black Waltz
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We're all happy for you, I'm sure.

I fear my heart and fear my soul
Life goes on, it surely will,
Without me and I wonder:
Will I ever see light again?

Life goes on...
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Posted: 31st July 2013 07:32

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It's not the end of the world.
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  1. This should fairly obviously be handled by via a private message, not in a public topic, followed by PMs, followed by reporting posts in the topic.
  2. For reference, the general rule is no. Just turn your e-mail preferences off, remove any personal info you might care about, and the job is done. Removing your account does next to nothing apart from make the place look untidy. It's not like your old posts would disappear.
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