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What game(s) have you poured the most time into?

Posted: 8th November 2017 15:31

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FF4 FF6 FF1 nes Breath of fire Castlevania 4 Castlevania circle of the moon i literally had the patience to beat the game recently and non stop playing through it to the end on every mode, the most fun being for me shooter mode.

Of newer games:Dark souls was pretty addictive gameplay.Its a really enjoyable game with cool ideas.

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Posted: 8th November 2017 23:29
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Quote (Rangers51 @ 10th February 2017 10:37)
No, that's part of what I'd go back for. I never have before because farming Traps is agonizing.

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Anyway. Turns out Steam says I've spent over 200 hours on GTAV, which both does and doesn't make sense.

I don't remember playing this game as much as it says at least compared to the other games it lists, but then I realize a lot of the game I've played long hours in were games I didn't play on Steam. Notably: Skyrim.

That being said, I do find I've been spending quite a bit of time in the game simply...walking around. It is genuinely fascinating simply existing in a such a fully realized digital space and just...walking the earth as it were.

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Posted: 10th November 2017 08:01

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Since I last posted here, I've added 100% Orange Juice to the list of games I've spent hundreds of hours on. It came out around the time I first posted in this thread. My Steam timecount for the game includes a lot of time spent waiting for people to join my multiplayer lobby, but on the other hand it also doesn't include time spent playing the game before it even got on Steam, nor time spent writing up a whole guide for new players or generally discussing/strategizing about the game.

I've also added The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. Having heard that the NPCs in this game basically have something new and interesting to say after every major plot event flag, I actually started to "do rounds" to talk to everyone and that's slowed me down a lot, plus I tend to take about twice as long to play JRPGs for some reason, so this game which other people estimate to take about 40-50 hours has taken me over 75 hours now. I'm very close to the end of the game, though, but this is reminding me of how I felt like "whoa, this has been a really long adventure" when I got to the "coffee break" scene in Earthbound.

Yeah, Earthbound was also pretty long. Though probably not as long as Trails in the Sky plus its sequel -- for those who know this series, they'll know this first game is just the first of a duology and the sequel is even longer. The game is just as people said it'd be -- it was a slow burn to come to all the plot details, but the drama and tension are ramping up amazingly quickly in the final chapter. Political intrigue is going on and the depth of the setting and writing is astonishing -- I was worried I wouldn't get what's going on but I'm watching all these pieces fall into place and everything is coming together now.

In recent weeks I've also picked up Mini Metro. While I've only spent like twentysomething hours on it so far, it's definitely a good timesink, especially if I play endless mode and let a system run indefinitely to see how much ridership can top off at.

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