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Posted: 16th January 2017 08:14

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I bought a fault Patreon artbook.

For those of you who aren't familiar with it, the fault (or fault milestone) series is a series of visual novels (specifically kinetic novels, i.e. only one story route) set in a fantasy world, about a princess and her royal guard traveling the world after her kingdom falls. I've read the first installment (milestone one) and the story is excellent (and it has no needless fanservice or smut either).

The art's also pretty, and I quite like the series, so I bought a copy of an artbook they made for Patreon donors.

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My friends went to SDCC a couple weeks back and were sending me awesome selfies, and in bitterness for not getting to go, I went out and bought myself this:

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I kept it sleeved, so it looks a little strange in the frame, but I wanted the extra layer of protection. smile.gif

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