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Who is the REAL villain of Final Fantasy VII?

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Sephiroth [ 16 ]  [50.00%]
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Rufus [ 1 ]  [3.12%]
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Posted: 30th November 2011 08:40

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Quote (BlitzSage @ 1st August 2011 05:47)

I agree with you about the story being convoluted. The game would be much higher on my list if it perhaps made Rufus a more prominent villain honestly, rather than focusing on Sephiroth. It's strange to me, because they really begin to establish Rufus and Sephiroth at the same time, but they only give him a few scenes to truly describe his character. The story follows the same progression as FFVI, but FFVI explains the change in focus more concretely.

While Sephiroth is the main villain, I think it should've been an equal sharing of that role between Sephiroth and Shinra.

I also have wanted to see Rufus and Shinra playing a more prominent role.
It felt like the big invincible world ruling corporation wimped down a lot once sephiroth showed up and it always kind of felt like the game changed from being a tactical battle against an immense evil corporation to a wild goose chase looking for sephiroth. Though I still liked the way the game turned out. I'd be interested to see how the game would have turned out if the Shinra staying as the prominant villain.

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Posted: 11th December 2011 11:37

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I get the feeling like OP is not searching for the most commonly chased and talked about villain. It seems to me like he is shooting to find the mastermind of the plot.

Okay, it's been years since I've played this game so this is probably a shot in the dark, but I remember Hojo being the mastermind behind all of this; creating Sephiroth and soldiers like him. Hojo wasn't the "real villain" because he was the antagonists father. The point was that he intentionally made Sephiroth a very powerful experimental puppet and he sent forth his creations to create all the chaos which exists in the game.. It seems sort of like the Albert Wesker story to me; scientist from a corporation goes mad and unleashes a virus in order to gain power while causing destruction. Albert Wesker did everything and sacrificed everyone he felt he needed to in order to "become a god". Hojo experimented on his own son in the womb for similar reasons.

I almost feel obligated to at least call Hojo the "Mastermind". He orchestrated all the experiments with Jenova's cells. He created beings like Sephiroth who became powerful, while others went insane and dove off cliffs, and he used the money and resources of the Shinra company to do it. Hojo is the overall cause of the conflict.

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Posted: 16th January 2012 22:11

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Personally, Sephiroth is the villain mainly because his actions and ill will were at the heart of the game's story. Also, he still poses a threat to the world and in a sense still serves as the antagonist for the compilation. ( AC, CC for example) I base this off of the fact that his cells remained in the lifestream all that time and managed to regroup, not to mention his whole "I will never be a memory" dealie which, to me, implies that he will rise again when society has once more forgotten of him just like with Jenova.

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Posted: 17th January 2012 04:31

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Sephiroth is definately the REAL villain, nuff said.

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Posted: 18th January 2012 06:35
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Hojo > Jenova > Sephiroth
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Posted: 22nd February 2012 15:09

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Quote (Dr. Delinquent @ 20th August 2011 02:08)
Quote (FinalFantasyAoibh @ 19th August 2011 18:29)
Oh yes and my point for the fact that Jenova can't really be the villain.
Possible spoilers: highlight to view
She/It was an alien of some kind that tried to kill the planet but the Cetra stopped her.

No one knows anything about Jenova other than that really and in the game she didn't try manipulate Sephiroth and give out her cells for experiments. She was in a frozen state when the cells were taken from her by Shinra and used.
So how can Jenova be the villain? Well I don't think she can.

So much thinking!! wacko.gif

Except for the whole part where Sephiroth dedicated everything he did to her. What was he doing, exactly? Well, nothing short of attempting to carry out Jenova's mission! You also fight Jenova multiple times. (Clones or no- It's still her.) Lastly! If she didn't land on the planet.... No modified Sephiroth, and the Cetra would still have been around... Meaning no Shinra Co, thus no opportunity for Hojo either (Assuming his respective ancestors would still have led to him with the full Cetra civilization still roaming the planet).

Okay that's very true as is the Jenova reunion theory point....hmmm so yeah Jenova being the villain? Probably the best answer because she's the start of a chain of events that created many misguided and/or evil people.

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Posted: 23rd February 2012 22:40

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Hmm... While merely conceiving to Sephiroth hardly makes Hojo the villain, I have to say that injecting his unborn child with cells from an alien monstrosity, causing pretty much every issue that happens in the game after they leave midgar has to count for something.

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