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Favorite part of the whole game?

Favorite part of the whole game?
Story [ 9 ]  [21.95%]
Music [ 15 ]  [36.59%]
Gameplay [ 16 ]  [39.02%]
Graphics [ 1 ]  [2.44%]
Total Votes: 41
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Posted: 2nd March 2014 11:35

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i love the story most. The fact that it has so many different endings is so great. wish to see them all oneday. i have only seen 5 i think.

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Posted: 3rd March 2014 03:36

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Quote (Tchy @ 13th December 2013 19:37)
Definitely the music, just like most square games.
I like specially like the song "Corridors Of Time".
Possible spoilers: highlight to view
The one that plays at Zeal and on the "The End" screen

Next is the story, however I wondered something...
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If when lavos ends consuming a plantet and leaves it's offspring, wouldn't killing the lavos on Earth mean nothing? cause there are more lavos on other worlds... rolleyes-straight.gif

Gameplay, same as most FF's and RPGs, had some neat features though.
And I also think the graphics were good, but music wins the 1st place for me.

Remember the...

Possible spoilers: highlight to view
campfire scene, where they basically question whether the whole thing was happening. They began to assume that they were meant by fate to all end up here from their different time periods to confront Lavos.

And at the end...

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They face Lavos at what could be considered the end of time, the beginning of time, or time altogether. Lavos continues to shift them throughout time through the battle. So when they defeat him, they defeat his source, which defeats him throughout time.

Maybe I'm wrong though...

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