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Am I the only one here... [spoilers!]

Posted: 5th October 2013 17:07

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But Chrono gives me so many feels! I revive him most of the time, although sometimes I do not just to see the ending that happens. I am on a quest to unlock every ending. But when I am just playing, I always revive him because Spire is my favorite Dual Technique in the game. Luminaire is awesome too.
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Posted: 7th October 2013 01:54

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I've beat it every which way, my bro and I had the guide doods

But yeah, revive Crono, he was the one doing all the furshlugginer work in the first half

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Posted: 28th April 2017 20:57

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I always revive him due to all the time and effort invested in him. That said i wish they had given him some characterization.

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Posted: 22nd October 2017 06:21

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Glenn is surely my favorite. One of these days, if I can bring myself to read a fanfic I started years ago (it's so crude to me now that it's embarrassing to read it) I might be able to finish writing it. Glenn, as both Glenn and Frog, features prominently.

Robo would have to be my second favorite. Part of it is his awesome, joyful theme music, but mostly because even though he's a hulking metal behemoth, he's gentle and utterly selfless.

I like Crono third best. I found his lack of in-game dialog to be part of the unique charm of Chrono Trigger. His actions were how he communicated and I could supply dialog for him in my mind instead of reading something on the screen. It helped me to identify with him a bit closer than other 'main' characters in video games, even though I'm not a sword-using, lightning-flinging boy.

Magus would have to be next as the dark half to Glenn's story, and yet, he's not a black character, not wholly evil. At his worst he's dark gray (though killing Cyrus and cursing Glenn was sadistic and unnecessary to his plan).

I didn't much care for Lucca and Marle. Both were weak in combat unless a component of a tech, and Marle came across as spoiled and selfish to me. Ayla was far more capable in combat, but I prefered Crono, Frog and Robo as my party wherever possible.

Shout out for Schala! Did anyone else ever wish she were somehow playable? And how could I, with my affinity for knights and paladins, not wish there was some way to bring Cyrus back from the dead?
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Posted: 4th December 2017 08:59

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I don't want to get off topic but Kitt-Marle and Lucca have the best dual tech I think so. Antipode 3 does more damage than Dark Eternal or Omega Flare. So you can take Chrono out and put anyone else you want it your party.

I have failed to revive Chrono to get the different endings otherwise I revive him.

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Posted: 4th January 2018 05:03

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I don't think I've ever held off on fixing Chrono back up. Luminaire was video game crack.

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