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Worst Game that you have ever played

Posted: 19th March 2017 22:26

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First thing that comes to mind is Altered Beast. I've heard of worse games by reputation but Altered Beast is one of the worst I've played. I'm going to pick on the Genesis version here as in addition to all of the other "features" from the arcade version, it's a Game Over upon losing all your lives. Hope you know the continue code otherwise it's back to the beginning. The game is an autoscroller and the enemies spawn at the same times and places each playthrough (with few exceptions). So it is possible to memorize a sequence to pass through stages. Rather than making the game fun, it feels like a chore to go through. That the character is completely vulnerable during the power up animation skews the game even further towards the importance of memorizing a path. Only part that I genuinely enjoyed is quick killing the second boss (get close and mash the jump button and it dies in seconds). Rest of the fights feel like slogs when trying to get through without damage (and with no way to recover life, taking damage is bad). I feel a bit unclean for spending more than 5 minutes with this game.

Exerion and Front Line are also terrible games I've dabbled with on NES. Don't really have anything I want to say about them.
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Posted: 21st March 2017 08:30

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^ To me that's beat 'em ups in general.

Worst game I ever played? Final Fantasy VIII


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