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Do you use monsters in your party?

Do you use monsters in your party?
Yes, i use monsters. [ 10 ]  [30.30%]
Yes, but i just poach them. [ 7 ]  [21.21%]
No, i do not use them. [ 4 ]  [12.12%]
Sometimes... [ 12 ]  [36.36%]
No, i'll dismiss them. [ 0 ]  [0.00%]
Total Votes: 33
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Posted: 30th January 2015 07:41

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In case you want to add me to your statistics sheet. Almost didn't reply.

Occasionally use Worker 8, Byblos, and Boco. Prefer humans who can use skills. The monsters end up getting hurt and have to retreat.

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Posted: 31st January 2015 03:25

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One can put me in the camp of largely breeding for poaching. I've never really tried a monster-heavy playthrough and I probably should, but dealing with the monsters' abilities and their nutty breeding rates just seems like too much work. As a couple people pointed out, the larger roster capacity in WotL might make it less a chore, so I'm keeping that in mind.

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