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A FFXIV voice actor streams the game!

Posted: 17th April 2024 02:06

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What the title says: Colin Ryan, the English voice actor of Alphinaud Leveilleur from Final Fantasy XIV, is now playing the game himself and streaming it.

Here's his channel:

I watched his first stream yesterday, and it was utter delight. He played a bit of the game in the weeks before he started streaming, and said that he had considered starting over with a new character but was already enamored with his Warrior of Light. smile.gif It's obvious he's having a great time with the game, and his reactions are so much fun to watch.

Here's a clip of his reaction to his character hearing of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn for the first time: wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif It's just SO ADORABLE!

Anyway, thought I'd post this here in case anyone was interested in sharing in on the joy.

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