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Data leak on CoN?

Posted: 6th May 2021 14:12

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So NordVPN is saying CoN had a data leak. I never seen a post about it here admitting to it. What happened ?

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Posted: 6th May 2021 20:10

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I don't use NordVPN as my VPN provider, and I'm not familiar with any data leak, sorry. Sounds like you might have more information than I do, so you can feel free to send that to me privately to see if it's anything worth looking into.

And of course if anyone reads this, and they have any concerns, please feel free to change your password at any point. As every user of the internet should know by now, you should be using a unique password that is not easily dissected by brute-force methods.

If there is anything concerning about this, I'll certainly send out a mass email but most of you people out there have defunct emails attached to your accounts by this point. tongue.gif

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