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What made Final Fantasy VII great video

Posted: 8th September 2016 05:23

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found this on youtube. Thought it was legit so I thought I'd share.
What Made Final Fantasy VII Great

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Posted: 8th September 2016 20:46

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Nice. Short and to the point. I have always said the best part of FFVII was the themes of the game and the departure from Fantasy into Sci-Fi, a trend that FFVIII carried onward with.

To me, the game has aged in a way that makes you both see it's flaws and realize that it is a perfect transition from cartridge, 2D graphics and 8-bit sound to CD, 3D graphics and 16-bit, high quality sound and it's none more noticeable than in the soundtrack, still arguably (but in all actuality, probably) the best in the series; at least in the top 3.

I like the way this video is presented, but to me, the game up until your escape from Midgar was the best part. Sure, there were a lot of fun mini-games and some great moments thereafter, such as Cosmo Canyon, Golden Saucer, returning to your hometown and Midgar and exploring the first 3D world in the series (for me personally, Kalm is always a moment that stands out most, as it transitions you from the Cyber-Punk Midgar to the humble, small town "fantasy" homage to the towns from FF3j-FF6, musically and aesthetically).

I loved the "Eco-terrorist" role we played, the anti-fossil fuel allegory and the anti-fascist standpoint, but the game departed from these themes too hard all at once with sporadic revisits to these initial themes. It focused too much on Cloud's redemption and personality crisis and his obsession with Sephiroth, especially after Aerith's departure.

The game is dark, brooding and broke the mold of the traditional "Fantasy" games of the series namesake and that it was welcomed so warmly is kind of shocking in retrospect, although I know for certain most people's first experience with Final Fantasy here in the States was with FFVII (Mine was with Final Fantasy III SNES, otherwise known as FFVI), so that has to be taken into consideration.

Personally, I thought Final Fantasy VIII was a more genre-breaking and daring game in it's themes, character development and battle system but have to admit that Final Fantasy VII has a more accessible battle system and diverse cast of characters; Barret for example, was the first black main character in the series, which itself was very ground-breaking at the time while the Materia System was brilliant in it's simplicity but could lead to complex combinations of weapons, slots and spells.

Plus, Cait Sith and Chocobo breeding/racing are win.

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