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Turks Make a Mark at TGS 2019

Posted: 11th September 2019 14:38

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There's a new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake that was just released at Tokyo Game Show today, unveiling a number of new scenes and characters. Well, let's put "new" in quotes, I guess, since it's hard to be all that new when you're remaking a twenty-year-old game, right? Anyway, Gematsu brings us the new trailer in both English and Japanese, and in it you'll get some looks at Reno, Rude and Tseng, as well as President Shinra. Naturally, Aerith appears quite a bit as well, including in battle, and we get our first look at the Shiva summon and the Crazy Motorcycle Chase too.

Oh, yeah, and let's not forget about the Honeybee Inn, because, yeah... that's teased there too.

Stay tuned for an endcap of Cloud, Barret, and Tifa looking out over what has to be Cosmo Canyon. It's gorgeous.
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Posted: 13th September 2019 11:10

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It is looking really nice, I see the hint of them putting in additional content where the Soldier on the motorcycle is giving chase.
Corneo sounds just like the Joker, so there are a few rumours doing the rounds that he's voiced by none other than Mark Hamill. Seems unlikely.
Looking forward to it but I hope it's a lot more finished than FF15 was.

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