CoN 20th Anniversary: 1997-2017
'Garth, that was a haiku.' - FF6 HAIKU THREAD

Posted: 25th January 2017 14:55

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RIPPED straight from the text file of my bats-in-the-belfry first romhack:

A strange young woman
Enslaved by the Empire
Weaver of magic

With a road-worn face
He searches all the world for
Relics of the past

King of Figaro
He treats with the Empire
A man of machines

Brother to Edgar
He gave up king and country
To seek his freedom

Allegiance to one
A head for a hundred gil
Like a passing breeze

On the surface, calm
Given magic through science
Within, nothingness

Soldier of Doma
Faithful to king and country
Strength of one hundred

Clothed in skins of beasts
Eyes that glimmer with wisdom
The boy who survived

He lives by the cards
Sailing the skies above
A gambling spirit

Friend to all creatures
His feet are light as feathers
The Moogle who speaks

Frail to the eye
With strength and pure intention
Learned in beasts' ways

Picture life itself
Living, breathing earth and air
Alive with color

It could be a man
Perhaps a woman, maybe
Perhaps something else

Lover of carved bone
Covered with muscle and fur
Yeti of the caves


There you go. I contributed something smile.gif

X is blue.
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