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[unmarked spoilers] June Rebirth Trailer from SGF

Posted: 8th June 2023 21:40

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Here's a thread for spoilers and theories around the Summer Game Fest trailer for Rebirth, because I didn't want to put it all in the news post.

The first scene is a Shinra News broadcast showing some of our characters unconscious and being loaded into ambulances after the climax of the first game; are these scenes staged by Shinra to imply that the enemy have been captured, or are they further indication that the heroes are in a fractured timeline? Everyone from the endgame party shows up on gurneys except for Cloud...

The gameplay footage that loads next shows a lot of wider-world open spaces, and even chocobo riding, but it's the voiceover conversation that might be more interesting; it's Aerith and Tifa discussing what is wrong with Cloud, and Tifa describing that she's not aware of Cloud even being in Nibelheim during the events of five years prior. Crisis Core does a good job of explaining why Tifa might think that, but calling out the scenario explicitly in this trailer would imply more shenanigans around those events in Rebirth.

We get some gorgeous scenes with Bugenhagen and Cosmo Canyon, and the first glimpse of Cloud's mental issues manifesting in the new game, and then a lot of quick-fire reveals: Red XIII as a playable character, Elena's debut, Yuffie joining the team after her adventures in Midgar, some pretty exciting team combat skills, and then the iconic scenes flashing back to Nibelheim.

That's where the trailer ends, with one more potentially huge twist; Tifa apparently gets hurt a lot worse this time around versus what has been shown in the past in the original game and Crisis Core, and the voiceover on the scene is Sephiroth, apparently speaking to Cloud, saying "you know that I killed her... so who is she?" Does this imply that Tifa died? Is Sephiroth merely trying to mess further with Cloud's poor broken brain? Could it all be a fakeout that alludes to a death we all know about?
I just saw on Twitter that in the Japanese language version of this trailer, Sephiroth explicitly says that he killed Tifa, for whatever that's worth.

For things I didn't see but kind of expected to, well, there's no Cid and no Vincent. There's pretty little combat, no Gold Saucer, no nothing that can be directly traced to be beyond the end of the plot from disc 1 of the original game. I'm curious if we'll see more before release to fill in any gaps.

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